Teri Tasvir Dehk Kar Hum Kuch Aise Duba Karte Hai

Teri Tasvir Dehk Kar Hum Kuch Aise Duba Karte Hai
Na Jaane Tumhe Hum Itna Pyar Kyun Karte Hai

Bhige Bhige Hum Barsat Mein Chala Karte Hai
Har Bund Mein Tumhe Kuch Aise Ehsaas Kiya Karte Hai

Raato Ki Tanhayi Mein Chaat Pe Baitha Karte Hai
Sitaro Mein Tumhai Dhek Kar Hum Dil Ke Aafsaane Likha Karte Hai

Samandar Ke Kinare Hum Kuch Aise Khuya Karte Hai
Darya-E-Dil Mein Tumhe Kuch Aise Dhuda Karte Hai

Falak Ko Dheke Hum Kuch Aise Gungunaya Karte Hai
Har Zindagi Mein Tumhai Paae Khuda Se Yeh Dua Karte Hai

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