Rah-E-Aashiqi Ke Maare

Rah-E-Aashiqi Ke Maare Rah-E-Aam Tak Na Pahunche
Kabhi Subah Tak Na Pahunche Kabhi Shaam Tak Na Pahunche

Mujhe Mast Agar Banaa De Ye Nigaah-E-Mast Teri
Mera Haath Kyaa Nazar Bhi Kabhi Jaam Tak Na Pahunche

Mujhe Apani Bekasi Kaa Nahin Gam Khayaal Ye Hai
Kahin Baat Badhate Badhate Tere Naam Tak Na Pahunche

Jo Ye Daur Bevafaa Hai Tera Gam To Mustaqil Ho
Vo Hayaat-E-Aashiqi Kyaa Jo Davaam Tak Na Pahunche

[Mustaqil=permanent Dawaam=infinity]

Ye Anokhi Barhami Hai Ke Na Bhule Se Labon Par
Basabil-E-Tazaqiraa Bhi Mere Naam Tak Na Pahunche

[Barahami=injustice Basabil-E-Tazaqiraa=in The Course Of Discussion]

Kahin Is Tarah Bhi Ruthe Na Kisi Se Koi Yahya
Ke Payaam Tak Na Aaye Ke Salaam Tak Na Pahunche

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