Qadam Usii Mod Par Jame Hain

Qadam Usii Mod Par Jame Hain
Nazar Samete Hue Khadaa Huun

Junuun Ye Majabuur Kar Rahaa Hai Palat Ke Dekhuun
Khudii Ye Kahatii Hai Mod Mud Jaa

Agarche Ehasaas Kah Rahaa Hai
Khule Dariiche Ke Piichhe Do Aankhen Jhaankatii Hain

Abhii Mere Intazaar Mein Vo Bhii Jaagatii Hai
Kahiin To Us Ke Goshaa-E-Dil Men Dard Hogaa

Use Ye Zid Hai Ki Main Pukaaruun
Mujhe Taqaazaa Hai Vo Bulaa Le

Qadam Usii Mod Par Jame Hain
Nazar Samete Hue Khadaa Huun

[Khudii = Self Respect; Dariichaa = Window]
[Goshaa = Corner; Taqaazaa = Demand]

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10 Nov 2008 No Comment 3

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