Palko Pe Neend Rahi Aksar

Palko Pe Neend Rahi Aksar
Phir Bhi Kabhi So Paya Nahi

Khamosh Si Dadhkan Ne
Jab Bhi Kuch Kahna Chaha

Khwahish Thi Jiski
Samne Wo Bhi Aayi Nahi.

Faasle Har Kadam Kum Hote Gaye
Duriya, Nazdikiya Banti Gayi

Jab Kinare Pe Pahuch Rahi Thi Kastiya
Chot Lagi, Tufan Se Bach Paya Nahi

Muddato Baad Jab Uska Paigam Aaya
Likha Usne,

“Har Koi Hota Hai Talabgar Lekin
Mumkin Nahi Pana Pyar Lekin

Har Kisi Ko Mil Jati Hai Zindgi Saugat Me
Jeeta Nahi Har Koi Zindgi K Saath Lekin

Mana Chand Me Bhi Hai Daag Lekin
Har Kisi K Naam Nahi Hota Wo Chand Lekin”

Ab Nishane Pe Padi Hai Jaan Meri
Tanha Hai, Uske Bina Khud Se Pehchan Nahi

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    03 May 2022 No Comment 13

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