Kash Koi Tumsa Hota

Kash Koi Tumsa Hota Jo Na Kabhi Naraz Hamse Rehta,
Sochte Hum Har Lamha Har Waqt Unke Hi Bare Mein,

Fir Bhi Wo Kehte Hame Yaad Karne Wala Koi Hota,
Is Tarha Hi Un Guzar Jati Zindagi Agar,

Wo Kehte Mai Nahi Meri Yaden Hi Sath Rakhna,
To Arzoo Bhi Na Karte Hum Unse Milne Ki,

Unki Yaadon Ke Sahre Hi  Jiye Chale Jate Hum.

By Arshad Malik

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    08 Nov 2010 No Comment 14

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