Soch Ki Dehleez Per Thehrey Huwe Hain
December K Maheeny Main
Hazaroon Saal Pehle Jab
Tere Wadhon K Honton Ne
Meri Ankhoon Se Behti Zindgi K
Hath Chomey Thy
Meri Berang Batoon K Kinarey
Tum Ne Khawboon K Saharey
Ashkoon K Sitarey Rakh Diye Thy

Hawa Ko Apni Chahat Ki Hifazat Ka
Ishara Ker Diyaa Thaa
Hawa Ki Hankiyoon Main
Ab B Teri Naram Batain
Ahtoon Ka Jaal Bunti Hain
Samaaat Ab B Tere Kahkahoon Ka Shoor Sunti Hai
Khyaal Ab Tak Tumari Ungliyon Se
Mere Dil K Surkh Ansoo Ponchta Hai
Nigahain Baraf K Pheley Chamktey
Kanvas Per Ja Baja Teri Rafaqat Ki Zarorat
Paint Kerti Hain
Thitharty Paniyoon K Tan Pe Bikhri Dhoop
Teri Hijer Roti Hai
Kahan Hoti Hai Tu
Muhabat Ki Sulagti Rahguzaroon
K Kinaroon Per
December Ab B Tera Muntazar Hai…!

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I Know Theres A Place Where I Am Going
And The Place Where I Am
Goings Just Around The Ben You Know
Theres A Lot That I Can Show You
And If You Wanna Go There I Can Get
You In
Happy Is The Secret Word And If Your
Happy It Will Get You In
& I Love You, You Know Its True And I Can
Make You Happy
If You Love Me Too. I’ll Take You To The Place
Where I Am Going
And The Place Where I Am Going Isnt Far
Baby If You Wanna Get Going Let Your Love
Start Showing And
I’ll Take You Today Dont You See You’ve Only
Been Dreaming
But I Can Make Your Dreams Come True Cause
I Love You, You Know
Its True And I Can Make You Happy If You Love
Me Too.
Baby Theres A Place Where I Am Going And If
You Wanna Go There
Come Along With Me Theres So Much I Wanna
Show You And
Make Your Dreams Come True Cause I Love
You Know Its True And I Can Make You Happy
If You Love Me Too

Ariah Nelson

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When You Can’t Believe, That It Happened To You
And Your Stuck In The Moment, Not Knowing What To Do…
When They Say Those Words, You Never Thought They’d Say
And You Feel Part Of Yourself, Start To Die Away…
When You Feel So Tired, But You Can’t Fall Asleep
And You Start All Of Your Days, Just Feeling Incomplete…
When You Remember The Times, There Was A Smile On Your Face
But You Look At Yourself Now, And There’s A Frown In It’s Place…
Then You Find Yourself, Staring Off Into Space
Just Wondering If, It Was All Just A Waste
A Waste Of Time, Because It’s Coming To An End
But Your Still Not Ready, For The Next Chapter To Begin…
When Your Life Used To Be, One Happy Song
But The Music Has Faded, And The Happy Is Gone…
When You Know Your Heart’s Shattered, And You Can’t Stop Wishing
That You Could Put It Back Together, Even Though There’s Pieces Missing…
When The Pain Comes Fast, But The Healing Comes Slow
You Know It’s Not Worth It, But You Can’t Let Go…
When Reality Hits, And You’re No Longer In The Dream
You Lie Awake At Night, And You Just Want To Scream
Because Your Just A Few Hours, From Starting Another Day
That You Still Can’t Find Hope In, So You Close Your Eyes And Pray
Pray For A Better Month, Pray For A Better Week
Pray For A Single Night, A Tear Won’t Touch Your Cheek.
And When You’ve Taken More, Than You Ever Thought You Could Take…
That’s How You Know, That You’ve Had Your Heart Break.

by namja160001 

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Eggs Creativity – Oh Jesus, We Are Next That is Why He’s Always Happy Aquarium With Jellyfish – With Video Don’t Cut Me Please Creative Art On Eye Ultimate Mobile Protection Oh My God, Next Is Me Eye Or A Sink? This Is The Power Of Red Bull Jai Daaru Maharaj

Bheegii-Bheegii Wo Hawayein,Roz Mere,
Paas Aayen,Kaan Mein Kuchh Gungunati.

Door Baagon Se Guzar Kar,
Jab Humare Khet Saare,

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Laazim Tha Ki Dekho Mera Rasta Koee Din Aur
Tanha Gaye Kyon ? Ab Raho Tanha Koee Din Aur

Mit Jaayega Sar, Gar Tera Patthar Na Ghisega
Hoon Dar Pe Tere Naasiyaa_farsa Koee Din Aur

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Mere Malik Kyun Mujhe Ishq De Diya Tune ;
Kyu Mere Dil Ko Ye Ehsas De Diya Tune.

Ya Khuda Mujhko Bata Pyar Hua Hi Kyun Tha;
Ye Kaisa Gum Meri Kismat Mein Likh Diya Tune.

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