Mera Ye Haath
Apne Hathon Main Lekar

Zara Aankhon Ko Band Kar Lo
Aur Phir Dheray Se Se Apna Sir,

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Mohabbat Karne Wala Shaksh Aksar Kuch Nahi Kehta Hai
Dariya Shor Karta Hai Samunder Kuch Nahi Kehta Hai

Kya Khamoshiyan Bhi Mazbooriyaan Samajhti Hai
Gale Se Jab Uterta Hai Zehar To Kuch Nahi Kehta

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Kyun Hui Woh Bewafa,Aaj Tak Naa Jaan Paaya Tha,
Pata Nahi Kiska,Mere Pyar Par Bura Saaya Tha…

Puchta Hu Usse,Kya Soch Kar Hume Behlaaya Tha,
Jab Todna Hi Tha, Toh Phir Kyun Dil Lagaya Tha…

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

I Would Not Leave You Behind For Anything Dear Eye Why You No Handle These Simple Illusions Best Painting Ever! Awesome Foot Art Of Stone Red Betta Fighter Fish Ursussss Bear Ads Amazing Coffee Painting On Wall Save Trees – Picture Worth Million Believe It Or Not But Its An Oil Painting Awesome Wax Art By Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Tum Aaoge To Kisi Ki Kami Na Hogi
Dil Khushi Se Roega Par Ankhon Mein Nami Na Hogi

Tumhare Ane Se Har Din Suhana Lagega
Har Pal Pyar Ka Afsana Lagega
Pyar Karoge Tum Aur Chahat Ki Kami Na Hogi
Dil Khushi Se Roega Har Pal Par Ankhon Mein Nami Na Hogi

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Ye Jaante Hain,Ke Tum Kisi Or Ke Ho,
Ye Jaante Hain,Ke Tum Dil Hamesha Todte Ho,

Ye Jaante Hain,Ke Tum Mere Khayalon Mein Ho,
Ye Jaante Hain,Ke Tum Mere Swalon Mein Ho,

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In A Cool Dark Sealed Chest
Is A World Of Growing Alterations
Extending Beyond Human Reach
Digressing Into Strange Mutations
Time Is A Transforming Magician
Creating New Appearances…
Flavorful Foods Become Tainted
Ghastliness Starts An Emergence
When Was It That We Had This Last?
Spaghetti And Meatballs With Sauce
Have Furry Clusters That Are Not Purring
Yuck…quickly Scrape It Out And Toss
How Did This Delicacy Of Blueberry Jam
Become A Crystallized Mass Of Gunk
Unlikely To Budge With A Bent Spoon
A Stubborn Clump …in A Solid Hunk
Here Is Something That Once Was Green
Crunchy And Mouthwateringly Supreme
It Is Now A Mass Of Brown Formless Fright
Its Demise Could Cause A Jolting Scream
A Gallon Of Milk… Nearly Half Gone
Sniff To See If It’s Okay…it Ain’t…
Doubts Are Confirmed With A Gag
Poured Down The Drain At Arms Length
‘If In Doubt Throw It Out…’ Is A Motto
To Be Remembered When Appraising
Take Inventory Diligently And Frequently
Remove The Revolting Things You Are Raising

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Funny Veg Jokes

Allah Ki Rehmat
Ek Bar Ek Aadmi Hakim Ke Paas Jaake Bolta Hai: Aadmi: "Mujhe Ajeeb Si Bimari Ho Gayi Hai. Jab Bhi Meri Biwi Kuch Bolt

Why Did You Ask If I Am A Santa?
In London, A Customer Asked: "Do You Have Mustard Oil?" The Shopkeeper Says: "Are You Santa Singh?" The Guy, Clear

Answer By Girls And Boys When Proposed
Six Answers Given By A Girl When She Is Proposed. 1. No, I Don’t Love You. 2. I Need Some Time. 3. I Have Alw

Mere Chehre Pe Pani Kyun Dala?
Shaadi Se Agle Din Patni Gusse Se Pati Se Boli. Patni: "Subah-Subah Mere Chehre Pe Pani Kyun Dala?" Pati: "Tere Ba

Don’t Mess With Mature Ladies
A Mature Lady Gets Pulled Over For Speeding Lady: "Is There A Problem, Officer?" Traffic Cop: "Yes Mam, I’m Afra

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