Fasaana Mere Dil Ka Kaaghaz Par Likha Hain
Ek Ghazal Samajh Kar Pad Loh Toh Kaafi Hain

Ki Thi Mehenat Tumhe Paane Kitnee
Tum Khadar Kar Loh Toh Kaafi Hain

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Uski Baatein To Phule Hoon Jaise
Baaki Batein Baabule Hoon Jaise

Choti Choti Si Uski Do Ankhein
Do Chameli Ke Phule Hoon Jaise

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Na Koi Subah Na Koi Shaam Dete Ho,
Dil Dhadkne Ko Mohabbat Ka Naam Dete Ho,

Roz Chale Aate Ho Khwaab Mein Mere,
In Aankhon Ko Na Ik Pal Tum Araam Dete Ho,

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Funny Cat – I’m Sorry I Ate Your Friend Zombie Bottle Opener Selfshot With Cat – Hey Hands Off Vegehead By Carl Warner Now You Can Sleep During Class Ultimate Body Artwork Advertisement Awesome But Scary Dog Cake How To Cut Your Hair In The 21st Century My Parents Told Me “Follow Your Dreams” A New Engineer In The Town

You Say Money Makes You Popular
But I Know Who My Friends Are. Do You?
I Am Richer For The Knowledge Let Me Tell You
You Say Money Makes You Rich
I Am Rich Beyond Measure
Money Can’t Buy That Treasure
You Say Money Gives You Pleasure
Pleasure That Are True And Real Can’t Be Bought
Like Friends Who Help You Through All Pain
Simple Pleasures Like An Embrace
How Can Money Replace It?
You Say Money Gets The Guys
Does It Buy Their Faithful Devotion, Or Is It Simply A Fancy Notion?
You Say Money Makes You Important
The Reality Is You Never Were.
You Just Want To Think That You Are Heard.
Money Doesn’t Make You Special
It Is Just A Delusional Illusion, Meant To Make You Feel Unique
In The End You Will See That You Will Be Judged With All Of Us
Your Peers You See, We Are All The Same To Me

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Kya Jaane Kab Maut Aa Jaaye,
Intezar Hai Ki Hum Tere Kaam Aa Jaaye,

Yeh Mat Sochna Ki Bhul Jaayenge Tujhe
Pardes Rehkar Bhi Yaad Aayenge Tujhe.

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Ek Pagal Larki
Haathon Mein Ek Kalam Dabaye

Kohni Ko Ghutnun Pay Tikaye
Palkon Pay Resham Khuwab Sajaye

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Funny Veg Jokes

All In One Essay By Pappu
Professor To Students: "I Want You To Write An Essay With The Following Elements: 1. Religion 2. Royalty 3. Sex

Ajeeb Faisla Hai
Do Saheliya Aapas Mein Baatein Kar Rahi Thi Pahli Saheli: "Maine Faisla Kar Liya Hai Jab Tak 25 Saal Ki Nahi Ho Jati

This Is Called Honesty
A Married Man's Honest Confession: "I Always Read My Wife's Horoscope To See What Kind Of Day I Am Going To Have."

Aap Bhi Nervous Hue Thhe?
Pehli Baar Insaan Jab Dalta Hai To Nervous Hota Hai, Ahista Se Dalo To Phisal Ke Poora Ander Chala Jata Hai, Phir

If Not Intelligent, Be Smart
In Viva, Lecturer: "Shall I Ask You Ten Easy Questions Or One Tough One? Student: "Ask Me Tough One" Lecturer: "Wh

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