Tanhaise Darta Hoon,Us Andherese Darta Hoon Jahan Khudko Tanha Paata Hoon,
Dard Nahin Hain Naa Koi Shikwa Kisise Se.

Magar Tumhari Ruswai Se Darta Hoon.
Chahe Chod Do Mujhe Apni Duniya Ke Liye,

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He Was The Warmest Man I Ever Met.
Physically. And Emotionlly.
The Kind Of Warm That Never Burns.
He Was Much Older Than Me,
But Who Would Reject An Out-Of-Date
Heater That Worked Better Than The
New Ones? Especially In A Cold Winter.
I’m Not Talking About An Electric Blanket.
Closer To A Potbellied Stove.
We Were Both Teachers At A Remote
Indian Reservation School At The Time.
I Swear That Wherever He Walked
In The Snow, Even Deep Snow, Melted
Puddles Of Water Trailed After Him.
I Never Wanted Him To Stop Holding Me.
He Said My Femininity Ignited His Fuse.
You Are Probably Having The Usual
Fantasies About Intimate Relations,
And There Was That-A Furnace At Times.
But A Volcano Can Only Erupt For So Long.
More Important Was His, And Our,
Constant Warmth Together, Before And After.
And Though We Eventually Had To Part,
He For Alaska, Where I’m Sure He Will Be
Appreciated, I Can Still Conjure A Glow
Of Warmth Around Me When I Think Of Him

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— Mere Words Cannot Express My Feelings For You,
— You, Who Have Stolen My Heart,
— You, Who Came To My Life On A Sunlit Morning,
— You, Who Made My Heart Quiver And Racing, The Minute My Eyes Laid On You,
— You, Without Whom I Cannot Imagine A Single Moment, Let Alone A Day,
— You, Who Make Every One Of My Days A Pleasant Breeze,
— You Who Are My Life, My Heart And My Happiness,
— You Who Are My Wife

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This Is Indian Police – Ready To Save Our Lives A Huge Beautiful Flower On Head Cute Penguins Created From Brinjal I Am So Thirsty Lets Dance Baby Meanwhile In India – Wheeling Truck Iski To Pakka Fategi Aaj 3D Button Art On A Building Cute Little Devil Wrong, But Still Want One

Nazron Ki Nazron Se Jab Mulakaat Ho Gayi,

Dono Khamosh The Rooh Ki Rooh Se Baat Ho Gayi,

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Hum Ne Ulfat Ka Bharam Sab Se Juda Rakha Hai,
Goya Seene Mein Tujhe Dil Ki Jaga Rakha Hai,

Dil Ye Chahe Ke Tu Kabhi Badnaam Na Ho,
Dekh Zikar Tera Hai Magar Naam Chupa Rakha Hai,

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Mujh Ko Tere Dil Ki Aashnai Chahiye
Kuch Aur Naheen Teri Nazar-E-Karam Chahiye
Ek Dil Kee Udas Lagan Tu Hai
Dil Jo Kahe Ek Rangeen Dua Tu Hai

Mere Dil Kee Uthtee Bethtee Lehron Main
Iss Dharkan Kee Awara Awaaz Tu Hai
Bechenyon Ke Dar Wah Hain Har Soo
Inn Mein Khoobsarat Rohshnee Tu Hai

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It’s Time: Let’s Go!
All Priests Are Gone! Bells No More Ring!!
Feasts Are All Done; Just Look, Darling!
We’re Now Lonely!

We’re Now ‘only’!!
Let, Now, Our Beats Combine And Sing!
Our Flat, Waits Us:
Let’s Board, And Row!

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Everyday When U Go Back Home
My Heart Begins To Cry
Everything Seems To Simply Fall Apart
The Moment You Say Goodbye!

From The 1st Minute That I C U
Till The Minute You Go Away
I Only Admire The Way U Do The Things U Do
And Always Pray You’d Stay

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No One Is Worth Your Tears.
And The One Who Is Wont Make You Cry.
You Dont Have To Live In Fear.
Cuz Someday You’ll Meet That Guy.
There Will Be A Happy Ending.
Everythings Real Theres No Pretending.
No Matter The Good Or Bad.
He Will Be The Best Youve Had.
And Even Though Im Smiling
It Doesnt Mean Its Real.
Cuz Even Though Im Talking.
My Lips Are Sealed

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Zindagi Thehar Si Gayi Hai Tumhare Bina,
Shabad Shayari Ke Milte Nahi Tumhare Bina,

Dil Dhadhkta Hai, Lekin Us Dhadhkan Mein Aavaz Nahi Tumhare Bina,
Chaman Mein To Khile Hai Phool, Magar Phoolo Mein Mahek Nahi Tumhare Bina,

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