Gumsum Ho Jaate Hai Baadal Roz Garaz Kar
Hum Bhi So Jate Hai Unki Ek Jhalak Ko Taras Kar

Wo Kisi Aur Ke Mahboob Hai Log Kahte Hai
Lahoo Se Naam Likh Hum Muhhbat Parakhte Hai

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Loneliness Consumed Me
I Stayed Awake At Night
No Love Was There Beside Me
To Warm The Cold Dark Night
Listening To The Clock Tick
Each Lonely Hour Away
Crying The Tears Of A Broken Heart
Until The Break Of Day
Then By Chance I Saw You
Just A Face Within The Crowd
But Even Then I Knew You
Would Make This Sad Heart Proud
Now We Are Together
Love Is Oh So Sweet
No More Will Tear Drops
Fill These Eyes Of Mine
No More Will The Nights Be Long
For You Are Here Beside Me
We’re Making Memories All Night Long

by Elizabeth_M 

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Har Bar Maine Chaha Bas Ab Subha Ho Jayegi.
Har Raat Ko Beend Kar Kabhi To Koi Nai Kiran Ayegi
Kabhi To Andhere Cheer Kar Ujale Aa Payenge
Jo Mere Hotho Pe Hansi Aur Mujhe Sakoon De Jayenge.

Magar Teri Bewafai Ne Tanha Kiya Is Kadar
Tujhse Juda Hona Chaha, Afsos Hai Magar
Na Tuje Bhula Sakti Hoo, Na Tanhaiya Mita Sakti Hoo
Na Tujhse Door Ja Sakti Hoo Na Bewafai Kar Sakti Hoo.

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This Is Called Bravery Extra Ordinary Way To Riding A Horse I Love This Joker – Wonderful Food Art Helping A Friend Is A Good Thing Haye Meri Katrina Ko Kya Ho Gaya Reaction When You See Your Crush With Someone Else Creative Egg Food Art A Royal Horse Running In Yard Funny Hair Style – Mustache On the Back of Head Full The Tank, I’ve Long Way To Go

Kaash Tune Bhee Mujko Chahaa Hotaa
Auro Ke Tarha Apna Mujko Kahaa Hotaa

Maine Tujko Chaha Tujko Hi Sochaa
Kaash Tune Bhee Meri Tarha Socha Hotaa

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How little we knew that morning,
The sorrow that day would bring,
When quickly and suddenly came the call,
Shocking your dear ones, one and all.

Gone from our homes your smiling face,
Your cheerful pleasant ways,
The heart that won so many friends,
In bygone happy days.

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Mere Muqaddar Mein Kaash Tuu Hota,
Chand Bhi Jhuk Kar Zameen Par Aayega,
Tu Saath De Toh Kaanto Seh Chal Paduu,
Tere Door Hote He Yeh Ab Mar Jaayega,
Humaari Khataa Kyaa Hain Bataa Dena,
Warna Janaaze Ka Wazan Bad Jaayega.

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