I Was Walking Through A Lane,
Through The Forest Trees So Thick,
Yet I Saw Something Move,
And Got Startled A Bit…

As I Hid Behind A Tree,
I Saw Something Move,
Then I Realized What I Saw,
And Could Not Beleive My Eyes…

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Kabhi Na Pachtatey Hum Agar Patta Hota Unkey **Val Shal Ka.
Terey Naam Zindagi Laga Baitey,

Agar Chhod Jana Tha Mahi Toh Na Lagety Hum
Tery Naam Zindagi Aur Na Hi Pachtatey Hum

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Pagal Nainon Waali Ladki
Nam Nam Honton Waali Ladki

Kab Se Baithi Soch Rahi Hai
Behte Aansoon Pooch Rahi Hai

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Extremely Rare And Majestic Golden Tiger Khas Bando Ke Liye Khas Ghadi Sexy Seducing Hottie Natalia Siwiec OMG, Hands Painted To Look Like Real Animals Hey Watch In My Eyes Ultimate Mobile Protection A Perfect Kick On The Balls Mom I am So Happy Today I Am So Thirsty, Want Some Coke Facebook Deewani, Please Leave Me

I Don’t Want To Remember.
I Can’t Take The Pain.
I Can Handle Knowing Your Not With Me.
I’ve Learned To Like The Rain.
But The Memories Of Life We Shared.
That Come Crashing Through My Mind,
And Without You Here To Be With Me,
These Memories Are Unkind.
I Don’t Want To Remember,
Just How You Stole My Heart.
Or The Promise That We Both Had Shared
Of “Never Do Us Part.”
I Can’t Bare The Loss Of Your Sweet Touch,
Across My Burning Skin.
Or How We’d Planned Once Upon A Time,
The Child That Could Have Been.

Why Did You Have To Go From Here,
And Leave Me All Alone?
I’m Cursed Or Damned Beyond Belief,
And My Life Has Turned To Stone.
I Wept At Your Side When You Left.
I Wept As Dirty Was Thrown.
I Still Weep In The Night.
Wishing You Could Come Back Home.
I Don’t Want To Remember,
I Can’t Take This Pain.
I Don’t Want To Remember.
Just Leave Me With The Rain.
That I’m Still Missing You.
I Don’t Want To Remember.
.But I Do…

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Ek Haseen Shaam Thi,
Main Bus Mein Aur Woh Mere Saamne Thi.

Unko Dekhtey hi Kambahkt Dil Ki Dhadkan Tez Hui,
Aur Dil Mein Aarzowon Ki Takraar Hui.

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Yeh Zami Chand Say Behtar Nazar Ati Hai Humain
Zindagi Jab Bhi Teri Bazaam Main Lati Hai Humain,

Yeh Zami Chand Say Behtar Nazar Ati Hai Humain,
Surkh Phoolon Say Mehak Uthti Hain Dil Ki Rahain,

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