Love Is A Place Where A Heart Goes To Rest
In Comfort And Softness Without A Test
I Thought You Were There
Love Is Feeling Sure, Smelling Good, Smiling
Its Listening To Your Voice Before Dailing
I Thought You Were There
Snuggled By Your Side Hearing You Breathe
Dreaming O Dreaming When I Awake I Screech,
I Thought You Were There..

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Kisi Jaane Pehchane Raaste Se Gujranna
Bhuli Bisri Yaadon Se Hota Hai Saamna

Phir Kitna Muskil Hota Hai Khud Ko Samhalna..
Kuchh Beete Lamhe  Kuchh Beeti Mulakaten..

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Aa.Nkh Ko Jaam Samajh Baithaa Thaa A.Njaane Me.N
Saaqiyaa Hosh Kahaa.N Thaa Tere Diivaane Me.N

Jaane Kis Baat Kii Un Ko Hai Shikaayat Mujhase
Naam Tak Jin Kaa Nahii.N Hai Mere Afasaane Me.N

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This Is What I Really Want Engineers Wedding Ring Naughty Blowing Bubbles Enjoy Life Quotes – Four Tips To Enjoy Your Life Jai Shree Ganesha Real Life Angry Bird Beautifully Created Wooden Art This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. A White Bird Purely Made From a Paper A Shivling Made Of Glass

Ye Saja Pai Hai Humne Wafa Nibhane Ke
Kar Nahi Sakte Shikayat Dil Ke Tut Jaane Ke

Main To Wise Bhee Tha Barbadiyon Ka Afsaana
Kyaa Jarurat Thii Tujhko Jindgi Main Aane Ke

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It’s Sad.
Her Lying Here Like That.
So Silent And Still.
Over There You Can See An Empty Jug Of Cyanide.
She Was Listening.
This I Know For Sure.
She Said: ‘I’d Surely Commit Suicide If Ever, You’d Leave Me.’
She Heard Our Discussion.
She’d Known The Plans I’d Made.
It Was My Fault.
I Forgot These Words,
The Words She Said And Meant.
If Only I Had Remembered, She’d Be There With Me.
She Would Have Loved It,
Seeing Me Happy.
I’d Have Loved It,
Seeing Her Large Grin.
Feeling Her Happiness Burn Inside Of Me.
Since I Have Broken My Promise,
I Will Receive The Death Penalty.
I Will Make It Right And We Will Be Together Once Again.
Elizabeth! The Holy Dagger Please.

On, The Man Has Gone.
With The Best Intentions To Be With The One He Loves.
I Shall Serenade In Honor Of Their Memory

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My Friend You Came To Be
Never Thought You’d Lift Your Hand To Me
The Anger That Filled Your Eyes
Was It Me Whom You Despised
A Striking Pain Upon My Cheek
It Was You Who Made Me Weak
Cowardly It Was Of Me
You Would Never Set Me Free
That Anger And Rage
Words Not On My Page
I Love You Was Not Said
For That I Had Bled
Today I Look Back
I See What I Lacked
Courage To Say No
To Get Up And Go

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Maana Ke Aapke Nazaron Main Kuch Nahin Hain Hum
Magar Unse Jakar Puchiye Jin-Hain Hasil Nahi Hain Hum

Manzil Ko Paane Ke Liye Saahil Ko Paar Karna Parta Hai
Mohabbat Karne Ke Liye Dil-O-Jaan Qurban Karna Parta Hai

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Deewaron Se Milkar Rona Achcha Lagta Hai
Hum Bhi Paagal Ho Jayenge, Aisa Lagta Hai
Deewaron Se Milkar Rona Achcha Lagta Hai
Hum Bhi Paagal Ho Jayenge, Aisa Lagta Hai
Deewaron Se

Duniya Bhar Ki Yaaden Humse Milne Aati Hain
Duniya Bhar Ki Yaaden Humse Milne Aati Hain
Shaam Dhale Is Soone Ghar Mein Mela Lagta Hai
Shaam Dhale Is Soone Ghar Mein Mela Lagta Hai
Hum Bhi Paagal Ho Jayenge, Aisa Lagta Hai
Deewaron Se

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This Lie’s Become A Part Of Me
For Months, I’ve Played This Game
Acting Like It Doesn’t Hurt
Each Time I Hear His Name

Ignoring What’s Inside Of Me
Pretending I’ve Moved On
As If The Feelings I Once Had
For Him Are Somehow Gone

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Kaali Si Ek Raat Thi Dil Mein Teri Yaad Thi
Tera Tasawwur Tha Mera Humraahi Labon Pe Ek Halki Si Tabassum

Muskuraa Rahi Thi Dharkanon Ne Halka Sa
Ek Geet Gungunaaya Chaandani Feeki Hui

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Innocent Child Doing Business
A Little Boy Was Selling Parachutes. Little Boy: "Buy This Parachute And Land Safely On The Ground During Emergency"

Phone Akhir Thha Kiska?
Ghar Ka Phone Baja, Biwi Phone Uthane Lagi To Pati Bola Pati: "Agar Phone Mere Liye Ho To Kahna Main Ghar Pe Nahi Hoo

Dosto Ye Choti Si Advice Hamesha Yaad Rakhna
Bhagwan Aur Doctor Ko Kabhi Naraaz Mat Karo, Kyunki Jab Bhagwan Naraaz Hota Hai To Doctor Ke Paas Bhej Deta Hai, A

Paint Karvate Hue Kaisi Paisi Bachaye?
Santa Ne Ghar Ke Uper Wale Hisse Mein Paint Kiya Aur Neeche Wale Hisse Mein Likh Diya . . . . "Same As Above"

School Aur Girls College Mein Kya Difference Hai?
Teachar Ne Ek Din Time Pass Karne Ke Liye Class Mein Sawah Puchha Teacher: "School Aur Girls College Mein Kya Differe

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