Everything Is Much More Beautiful
When You Paint A Picture Of The Sea
Not The Sand Or The Sky
Though There Is Fire Burning Bright

The Sea Has Much More Love
Though Cold It May Seem
For The Sun Rises And Sets
And The Sand Washes Away

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Hasraton-O-Wafaoon Pe Aitbar Karlo,
Hum Pe Jaan Nisaar Karlo,

Zaat Ta Roh Dhale Registan Hi Registan,
Qadam Booz Farmayo Humein Bahar Karlo,

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Nazar, Nazar Se Milaou, To Kuch Kahun Tum Se
Tahal Qareeb To Aaou: To Kuch Kahun Tum Se

Qareeb Hain, Jawaan Bhi, Zouq-E-Guftgoo To Ho!
Naqaab-E-Syaah Hataaou, To Kuch Kahun Tum Se

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Amazing Golden Butterfly Mil Bant Ke Khana To Koi Inse Sikhe Specially Designed For Africa Lamborghini 800 Launched In India Ye To Gaya Aaj Boooo, Dog Or Ghost? This Is Our Toothpaste In Morning Beautiful Super Mario Wedding Cake Friends Vs Best Friends We Copied Doggy Style,They Copied Our Three Some

Emerging Slowly To A Resonant Truth
The Mind, Body And Soul Of An Errant Youth
Yawned, Stretched And Reached Out To Life
Seeking Knowledge, Fortune And Maybe A Wife

So He Girded His Loins And Rode Out With The Sun
Having Bid Farewell To His Kin, And Especially His Mum
“one Day”, He Proclaimed “i’ll Return With Great Store”
But That’s Another Song, So I’ll Sing It No More…

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Khud Se Nahi Gilaa Kii Agar Koshish To Kii
Kuch Bhi Nahi Milaa Magar Koshish To Kii

Tootay Jab Khwab To Dil Pe Kya Nahi Guz-Ri
Kabhi Ansoon Piye Kabhi Zehar Koshish To Kii

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Tumhari Aankhein Khoobsurat Dil Kashneelee
Jee Karta Hai Doob Jaoon Inmeintumhari Aankhein

Jheel Samandar Har Shey Se Sundar
Jee Karta Hai Kho Jaoon Inmein

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Funny Veg Jokes

Mujhe Bhi Pagal Kerega Kya?
Ek Bahut Bada Doctor Mental Hospital Mein Round Ke Liye Jata Hai, Wahaan Pagalon Ka Checkup Karte Hue Usne Ek Pagal K

Santa Is Really A SmartAss
A Sardar (Santa), A German And A Pakistani Got Arrested Consuming Alcohol Which Is A Severe Offense In Saudi Arabia S

Friend Or Girlfriend Mein Kya Fark Hota Hai?
Friend Or Girlfriend Mein Kya Fark Hota Hai? Friend Wo Hai Jis Se Hum Udhar Lete Hai.. Aur Girlfriend Wo Hai Ji

Best Mom In The World
Girlfriend And Boyfriend Chatting On Facebook. Girlfriend: "Please Stay Up, Just A Little Longer? I Really Want To Ta

Biwi Ke Deewane To Bahut Hai
Santa Ne Apne Dost Banta Ka Mobile Dekha Aur Bola Santa: "Bhai Kya Baat Hai, Aaj Tere Mobile Pe Bade I Love You Ke Me

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