Inhe Ansu Samajkar Yun Na Mitti Mein Mila Zalim
Payame Darde Dil Hai Aur Ankho Ki Jubani Hain

Tum Ise Sikva Samajkar Kis Liye Gabara Gaye
Baad Mudat Ke Jo Dekha Thaa To Ansu Aa Gaye

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Oh lamen self
Why do I do fault on thee
I think I am capable of these things
To discover I am weak
I am ready, I declare
Though fate will be told halt
I push through direction
And bring this on myself
Pains me so deep
Physicality is no bother
Yet that by which I do not fall
Will only help me to stand taller
And the taller I command
The smaller I am inside
For thy surface is of no resemblance
To the monster that I hide
That of greed, hunger
Mortality and fate
That which brings me down, twists me in two
And allows my heart to break

Justine Olsen

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Hamain Ranj Hai Teray Ishq Main Rusva Na Huwai
Thay Tanha Magar Phir Bhi Kabhi Tanha Na Huwai

Yeh Kiya Dewana Pan Hai Kah Dewangi Ka Alam Hi Nahi
Teray Koochay Say Guzray Aur Mara Kisi Nay Pathar Nahi

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Best Couple In Town Iski To Pakka Fategi Aaj This Is True Gang Rape Photobomb Level – Llamagraphy My Parents Told Me “Follow Your Dreams” Ho Ye Daku To Kon Na Lutna Chahe Chhod De Ye Sab Aa Mere Sath Chal Blue Loving Birds Couple Wow Lovely Mehndi Design On Kid’s Feets Janu Dekh Tere Liye Chaand Leke Aa Raha Hun

Kabhi Waqt Milay To Ajao Hum Jheel Kinaray Ja Bethin
Tum Apnay Sukh Ki Baat Karo Hum Apnay Dukh Ki Baat Karin

Aur Un Lamhon Ki Baat Karin Jo Sung Tumharay Beet Gaey

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I Think
On Countless Times
You Have Melted My
With Silly Conundrums
Or Wise Cracks
Called Sarcasm
Afraid To Admit
When You Are Wrong
But Never
Had Too Much Pride
To Admit
When You’ve
Been Wrongly Mistakened
A Man
With Integrity
And An Ambitious
Goes For The Gold
Whether It Takes
Miles Of Traveling
You Never Was
The Quitting Type
That Probably Explains
How You Got Me
And Captured
Me In Your
Of Tranquility
And Relaxation
I Dont
Take This Love
I Honor It
And Cherish It
With A Respectful
And A Caring Heart
If I Was Too
Ever Hurt You
I Dont Think
Your Pain
Would Be As Unbearable
Than Mine
Since I Am
A Person
Who Loves To
And Loves
To Gain
Others Hearts
I Treat Love
As A Blessingqa
Because It Showers
Down On Mea
Everyday That I Live

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Sadio Pahlay Ke Baat Hai Yah
Sadio Pahlay Kay Log Thy Wo

Bati Pada Hotay Hi Jo Maar Daltay Thy
Aak Din Inhy Logo Mai

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