Tales And Dum Ta Dum Ta Dum Melodies
And Long Aside The Withered Sea
The Beach Ebbs And Blows
The Thousand Pebbles My Dreams Had Pinched Me With
At The Many Hours Spent In Solitude

Sleep Was The Kindest And Most Charming Lad Yet To Be
A Dream, Blue, Red And If Lucky Green
Comes To Me
As Though I Have Awakened Too
I Have

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There Is A New Karaoke Machine On The Market,
You Carry It With You And Sing Wherever You Are,
I Begged My Colleagues To Give One To Me
Should They Ever Plan Gifts
June Warned Me Not To Bring One To Kingsley
Where We Shall Be Moving Shortly; I Saw Vistas
Of Possibilities, Terrorizing All With My Singing –
Even Worse Than Before
I Could Be A Person Whose Retirement Will Be In
The Interest Of The State Due To Deterioration Of
Work Performance, Not Due To Her Own Fault;
The State Will Be Better Off Without Me
An Official Who Is “burning” With Too Much
Motivation, Unable To Concentrate Or Focus
On Work – That Will Be Me; I’m Burning
Already, Give Me The Karaoke Machine
I’ll Show You What Enthusiasm Sounds Like,
Everybody Is Already Afraid When They Hear
My Maniacal Laughter, Old Nic Is Scared When
I Get Up, Hubby Says I’m Unbalanced
The Karaoke Machine Is My Key To Freedom!

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Jab Bhi Ye Dil Udas Hota Hai Jane Koun Aas-Pass Hota Hai
Hoth Chup Chaap Bolte Ho Jab Saans Kuch Tej Tej Chalti Hai

Aankhe Jab De Rahi Ho Aawaje Thandi Aankho Me Sans Chalti Hai
Aankhe Jab Dekhe Tasvire Tera Chehra Tera Khyal Liye

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

No One Loves Me My Car Is Always Surprised To See Me Wood Sculpture Of Horse By Erdogan Barlik I Lava You – Amazing Click This Is The Power Of Red Bull Priceless Ring Most Amazing and Funny Statue Lets Enjoy Dude Amazing Coffee Painting On Wall Guess Who Is Pregnant?

Mene Sawan Se Kaha Dil Ki Aag Bhuja,
Sawan Ne Kaha Chup Key Se Chale Ja,

Mene Badal Se Kaha Dil Ki Aag Bhuja,
Badal Neh Kaha Pagal Hai Tu Kiya,

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Aur Ek Chaah Pe Na, Laachaar Mere Gham Hote
Baat Kya Hoti Hum Bhi, Aye Yaar Agar Hum Hote

Phir Na Hote, Khwaab-O-Justjuu Hi Saaqi Apne
Apne Pehlu Mein Jo Hote, To Woh Humdam Hote

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Zindagi Mein Har Cheez Hai Haasil,
Shayad Phir Bhi Koi Kami Si Hai,

Waqt Ek Pal Taharta Nahin,
Ankhon Mein Phir Bhi Nami Si Hai,

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Funny Veg Jokes

India Mein Sabse Zyada Baraf Kaha Padti Hai
Ek Angrej India Aya Aur Usne Santa Se Puchha Angrej: "India Mein Sabse Jyada Baraf Kahan Padti Hai?" Santa: "Befor

Santa The Thief
Santa Arrested In Case Of Theft And Judge Asking to Santa. Judge: "Why You Have Stolen Money From This Man?" Santa

Are you a Magician?
Santa Purchased A New Mobile And Was Sitting In A Bar, His Cellular Phone Rings. He Picks It Up And Says: "Hello, How

Ravan Ka Darna To Jaayaz Hai
Ravan Ko Gawahi Dene Ke Liye Court Mein Pesh Kiya Gaya. Ravan Ko Kaha Gaya: "Geeta Par Haath Rakho." Ravan: "Saala

Tum Nimbu Kaise Todoge?
Teacher Class Mein Santa Se Puchhta Hai. Teacher: "Samundar Mein Nimbu Ka Ped Ho To Tum Kaise Todoge?" Santa: "Chi

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