When New Year Began On That Beautiful Moonlit Night
I Saw Two Stars Smiling At Each Others Sight

May Be Those Two Were You And Me
Shining With New Strength Even In The Wee

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Is it me or is it you, that don’t know what to do,
I told you that I love you, you said it wasn’t true
I told you that I need you, you aint know what to do
I told you that I care, but then you weren’t there.
Is it me or is it you, that don’t know what to say,
I asked you to stay the night, but you went outside and played
I asked you were I stand, I wasn’t in your plan
I asked you do you love me, you went and set me free.
But now things are different now and years have past…So
Is It me or is it you, that want to be a pair,
You tell me that you love me but all I hear is air,
You asked me where you stand; I said I got a man,
You asked me if he loves me, he set my anger free…
Is it me or is it you, that want to start again
I don’t think that you hear me, you need to understand
He showed me so many things, like what true love can bring
He tells me that I’m lovely, and how much that he loves me,
Its it me or is it you, with a dumb look on their face,
I have to meet my man at special time and place
I have to get dressed & look pretty for my dude,
You looking kind of homeless, baby do you need some food?


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All I Ever Wanted
Was For Love
To Take Me To A Place
On A Distant Land
Where Distinction
Is Catered
And Satiation
All I Ever Wanted
Was For You And I
To Take That
Long Walk
Towards Future
And Find
Time Oblivious
To The Doubts
That We Both Compromised
All I Ever Wanted
Was My Dream To
Bring Its Way
To Life
Where I Can
Hold Out
On The Worse Pain
And See Myself
Planted Firmly
In Your Arms

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Poetry Is Movement Without Effort
Poetry Should Take You To Places Far Beyond What Your Eyes Can See
Take You To Places Where You Can Be Free
Poetry Is Movement Without Effort
All You Have To Do Is Think And Feel
And It Will Move You
And Make Your Experiences Real
Poetry Can Cause Pictures To Form In Your Mind
Speak A Thousand Verbs, A Thousand Nouns, Or A Thousand Rhymes
All Written For You To Experience On A Personal Level
Poetry Is A Journey
To Self Discovery
Out Of A Thousand Doorways To Roads Never Walked Travelled Or Taken
Poetry Can Cause Your Eyes And Your Heart To Awaken
Remind You Of A Friend’s Love Remind You That Your Never Forsaken
Because While You Live You Can Experience Life To The Full
Poetry Is Movement It Is A Tool
For Cataloguing Things Seen And Unseen
For Poetry Can Be The Very Fabric From Which We Dream

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Every Time We’re Together
In Each Others Arms
I Know You Will Keep Me Safe
And Protect Me From Any Harm.

Whenever You’re Around
I Get Lost In Your Eyes
You Have Taken Way My Sadness
My Heartache And My Cries.

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Love Is Like Magic
And It Always Will Be,
For Love Still Remains
Life’s Sweet Mystery.

Love Works In Ways
That Are Wondrous And Strange
And There’s Nothing In Life
That Love Cannot Change!

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I Was Awakened From A Deep, Deep Sleep
A Soft Clear Voice Called Out To Me.
‘My Son, My Son, Your Time Has Come.
Life On Earth For You Is Done.’
I Cried Out, ‘How Can It Be?
There’s So Much Left Inside Of Me.
A Story I Have Yet To Tell,
A Song I’ve Yet To Sing.’
‘My Son, My Son, You’ve Done Well.
To You’re Neighbor You’ve Been Good.
To My Commandments You’ve Been True.
You’ll Like The Place I’ve Made For You.’
‘But Lord, ‘ I Said. ‘There’s Much To Do.
I Plead With You For A Little Time
To Start The Things I Have In Mind,
Give Me The Time To See Them Through.’
‘But Oh My Son, ‘ The Lord Replied.
‘I’ve Given You Three Score And Ten.
You’ve Done My Work The Best You Could,
But Now It Seems You’re Marking Time.’
‘Please Lord, ‘ I Said. ‘Don’t Take Me Now
And I Will Give My Solemn Vowel
To Do The Things That I Must Do.
I’ll Do Them Well And I’ll Start Now.’
The Lord Then Said, ‘I’ll Wait Awhile.
I’ve Heared Your Plea, I’ll Let You Stay.
So Spred Your Message While You May
And I’ll Return Another Day.’

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Eclipsed By The Shades Of Fury
Fury That Has Ecstatically Overwhelmed The Joy Within

Suppressing All My Dreams
And With All My Hopes Shattered

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In Wilderness Of Great Expanse
Let’s Wander Out, And Out, And Out, And Out
In Wilderness In Wilderness Of Great Expanse: No Doubt
Let’s Walk Together, Hand-In-Hand

In Green Pastures; In Lands Of Sand
On Hills; In Caves; In Groves, In Fields
Let’s Watch Athwart What Nature Yields
Let’s Walk Together, Side-By-Side

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Be With Me And Be My Love, Thy Nature Seems Free Like A Dove.
I Would Give Thou A Face, And A Look That No One Would Out Pace.

I Will Give Thy A Beauty That Thou Will Treasure, For All To See And For My Own Pleasure.
Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face A Sight, That Would Bring A Measure Of Delight.

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