Zindagi Magar Toh Jeena Hain

Sharaab Ho Ya Gham Maikhaane Mein Toh Peena Hay
Khoonnaaba_fishaan Mera Ab Saaghar-O-Meena Hay
Khoonnaaba_fishaan=khoon Ke Aansu, Saaghar-O-Meena=goblet, Glass Vessel To Drink Anything

Ghalati Hain Yaa Kisi Seh Tavaqqo-E-Khushi
Khushi Chaahi Hain Ab Aansu Toh Peena Hay
Tavaqqo-E-Khushi=expectations Of Happiness

Bemakhsad Kuch Dete Nahi Chaahe Gham
Diya Kuch Nahi Magar Har Pal Cheena Hay

Abtar Ho Gaya Hain Dil Mera Hawas-E-Khushi
Chot Khaayi Hain Toh Zakhm Toh Seena Hay

Aazaar-O-Hayaai Huyi Ab Tak Zindagi Meri
Mushkil Hain Zindagi Magar Toh Jeena Hay
Aazaar-O-Hayaai=very Ill Life

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