Zindagee Bhar Ka Jo Hota

Zindagee Bhar Ka Jo Hota Saath Hamara……..
Toh Mera Dil Yun Na Hota Banjara………..

Yun Hi Raho Main Na Bhatakata Yah Man…….
Na Hi Ango Mein Dehaktaa Yun Plasah Van………

Yun Hi Apne Ansu Ham Khud He Na Peete….
Payasi Si En Chahato Ke Sapne Yun Dhuaan Na Hote……….

Zindagee Bhar Jo Hota Saath Hamara……….
Toh Pathrieeli Raho Ka Safar Bhi Hota Pyara………

Tab Zindagee Ki Sulgati Dhup Bhi Chandani Si Lagati……..
Hasane Wali Muskarahat, Yun Rulaane Na Lagati………

Bas Pyar Hi Pyar Ka Hota Nazara……
Jeevan Bhar Ko Mil Jata Jeene Ka Sahara…..

Zindagee Bhar Ka Jo Hota Saath Hamara..
Toh Mera Dil Yun Na Hota Banjara…………..

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment

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