You’re My Best Friend And True Love

You’re My Best Friend And True Love,
It’s Almost Like You Were Sent From Up Above.
You’re Like An Angel Sent To Lend Me A Helping Hand,
And My Happiness In Return Is All You Demand.

My Only Wish Is That I Can Be Yours In Return,
But I’m Afraid That I Might Have A Lot To Learn.
Love Has Been Said To Bring Out The Best And The Worst,
But I Can Only Find Out If I Jump In Head First.

Falling In Love Is Not Something I Expected To Do,
But I Am Glad I Fell For You.
You Have Taught Me To Love And Taught Me To Give,
But Most Importantly You Have Taught Me How To Live.

So Remember My Words For As Long As I Live,
And My Love To You I Will Continue To Give.
It Seems As Though You Help To Bring Out The Best,
And Help Me To Just Overlook All The Rest.

I Hope That Someday I Can Do The Same For You,
But Until Then All I Do Is Continue To Be In Love With You.

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28 Jul 2008 No Comment 10

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