Your Lips So Warm

Your Lips So Warm
Your Touch So True
Only Your Embrace Can Be
The Way I Want It To.

When You Lift Me Up High
I Feel Like Grabbing A Star From The Sky,
I Would Give It To You
To Make Your Wishes Come True.

The Way You Push Towards Me
Brings Out Something From Within Me
That Wants To Pull You Closer And Closer
To Fondle And Caress You Like There Has Been No Other!

You Cannot Imagine How You Make Me Feel
I Can Hardly Believe That This Is All Real
When Our Eyes Meet
The Feeling I Get Inside Me

Makes Me Want To Hold You More And More
This Feeling Is Strange
But My Words Are True
Only You Can Make Me Feel The Way That I Do.

Your Gentle Hands Upon Me,
Your Deep Passionate Breathes
Your Whispers,
And Your Kiss

Are Surely Something That When You Are Away I Will Miss
But Most Of All Without Your Presence
I Will Not Be The Same,
My Heart Will Be So Lonely

And In A Lot Of Pain,
If Only I Could Come With You
I Would Treat You Like A King
Your Days Would Be Much Shorter,

But Your Nights Would Be A Dream.
I Don’t Want To Feel That I Am Dreaming,
Cause All Dreams End When We Wake
I Want To Hold You In My Heart Forever

And Endless Love To You I Want To Make.
You Try To Be So Gentle With Me
Cause You’re A Real Man
You Stop, Think And Take Things Slow,

You Don’t Do It…although You Know You Can.
You Like To Make Me Happy
You Love It When I Giggle
You Know Jessie And Bessie Are So Pleased

When You Are Right There In The Middle
Our Thoughts May Be Quite The Same
Although We Think At Times That It’s A Game
But There Is No Use In Denying It

How Things Seem To Just Fit
Its Hard To Believe At Times
How Can We Think Along The Same Lines.
But There Is Nothing That Either Of Us Can Do

You Love Me And I Do You
From Now On I Will Just Think About The Good Things
That Have To Do With You,
No More Worrying Or Thinking

On How Hard It Will Be If I Loose You.
You Might Think This Is Crazy,
Or That We Are Silly Fools,
But Rules Are Made To Be Broken

And I Would Break All Rules For You!
You Probably Feel This Poem Is Just A Heap Of Sh*T
You Might Think I Exaggerate And The Description Might Not Exactly Fit!
You Could Be Right And I Could Be Wrong,

But I Doubt That It Is True
Cause In The Deepest Part Of My Heart
I Feel That No Words Can Truly Describe You!
I Have Told You On Many Occasions,

I Could Be Wasting My Breath
There Is Definitely No Other
That Can Beat You To The Test
You Make Me Feel Like I’ve Won The Jackpot

You Are Too Good To Be True
I Thank My Lucky Stars,
For Bringing Me To You!

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