Your Lips

She Whispers :please Raise Me Up In Your Love
My Body, Bare, Your Lips
Consume Me
I Live Now In Your Soul
In Your Naked Belly, Full
My Resting Place, You Need Me
I Nourish You
My Flesh In Yours
My Taste On Your Tongue
I Live In You
My Love
Be My Beast, My Carnivore, My Delicious
Starving Child
I Am Your Womb, Your Food, Your Mother
Feed On Me Always, Always
I Need To Sleep In You
Feel Your Lips, Your Tongue, Your Razor
Sharp Teeth
In My Flesh
I Need To Be Your Food, This Hunger I Have
Roils Within Me, To Be Your Need, Your Lust,
Your Conquering Fire…
Consume Me, Please
I Beseech You Now
I Will Flow Past Your Lips, Caress Your Tongue
Bathe In Your Throat, Bask In Your Belly
I Need You, Your Lips, Your Teeth
I Want To Feed You, Your Hunger For Me Paints My Thighs
My Breasts, My Sex
I Hunger For You
Need Me,
As I Need You
Your Love Feeds Me And Keeps Me
I Die In Your Belly, I Live In Your Soul
My Resting Place, Dear
There Is No Place Which Comforts Me
I Need To Be Inside You Now
Feed On Me, Devour My Flesh, Take Me
Within, And Never
Let Me Go
Consume Me
Consume Me
Consume Me

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