Your Choice

My life has been worst since then,
You left without saying any…
You left a mark that forever I’ll carry.
So many question’s in mind..
Why, how, when, where..

Till I finally came up with nothing…
Thought I’ve already found the answer,
Too many concern have remain.
Too many heartache had been remain unsolved

And now I’ve asked myself,
Did I gave less of any action that I make?
Or your just not contented and asking for more…
Or you’re just busy minding others happiness before yours?

Or it’s just as simple as LOVE didn’t find any way for you to fight for…
Still searching…still asking for an answer…but hoping GOD will provide us happiness
Even if it’s already gone… you’re my everything and nothing to ask for…
Please take good care of yourself for I have no choice but to set you free…
For it is the choice you want… the choice you’ve always wanted to be…

by k3log 

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19 May 2020 No Comment 5

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