You Promise Me Your Love

For Years, I Lay In The Dark,
The Realm I Dejectedly Resided At,
Since The Moment You Walked Away,
Since The Moment You Left Me Chained Harshly,
By Your Phantom Love.

I Let No One Lay Eyes On Me, My Hurting Soul.
I Was Afraid They Might Find Out You Were All Behind The Suffering I Was Going Through,
I Was Afraid Of The Defying Words They Might Fire At You – At Us.

Everything, Everyone Seemed Faceless;
I Could Not Identify Anybody From The Bitter World I Was Dwelling In.
Everywhere I Look, I See You. Your Eyes, Staring Intently At Me,
As If Drawing Me Closer To You,
As If Making Me Fall Even More In Love – Crazy In Love – With You,
As If Welcoming Me To A New Crossroad, Where All Roads
Lead Only To You.

Your Voice Was Music To My Ears.
I Hummed With Every Sound You Make.
Sad, But Every Song Only Comes From The Memories,
Not Directly From You.

Colorful Yet Lonely, I Imagined What Your World Was.
With You In It, I Was Sure Everything Seems Wonderful,
Or So I Thought.
No One Dares To Join You, Fearing They Might Find Themselves
Not Suitable In Your Almost Happy Domicile.

To Me, You Were Perfect.
You Were Everything.
You Were Life.
I Worshipped You From Afar.
You Were The Meaning Of Love.
I Wrote For You.
I Dreamed Of You.
You Were Reason Enough For The Air I Breathed.
I Shed Tears And Never Regret Losing Them.

For Two Years, In The Darkness,
I’ve Been Screaming Out For Your Name,
Over And Over.
And For Two Years,
No One Seems To Be Listening

More Shayari by Anna Ishida
29 Aug 2008 No Comment

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