You Are My Strength

Even The Strongest Will,
Is Broken Down Some Times….

Even The Most Opened Heart,
Is Closed Of To It’s,
Histories Rhymes.

Even The Happiest Heart,
Is Saddened More Then Less.

This Is The Truth Of The Life,

The Hardest Worker,
Tries So Hard,
The Wisest Man,
Is Clearly Smart.
But The Hardest Worker,
Can’t Do It All On His Own,
And The Smartest Person,
Doesn’t Always Know.

You Can’t Expect Me,
To Be Someone,
Of Such An Easily Broken Will,
But When Times Get Hard,
Oh And They Do Get Hard,
I Cry Out To You! !

God Of All This World,
You Are Wonderful,
I Have No Need To Worry,
About My Will,
You Are All That Counts,
In My Heart Of Such Distrust,
I Trust Only You I Know Only You,
Can Pull Me Through These Times,
God Of All This World,
I Cry Out To You! !
You Are The Only Strength
In This World That Can Pull Me Through.

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    29 Aug 2008 No Comment

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