You And I…

I can see you sitting there
You’ve just walked in
You’ve chosen to sit in front of me
You’re sitting next to another girl
But you’re still watching me from the corner of your eye
She’s lucky you next to her
It scares me to think of the possibilities
The possibility of you two falling for each other
You’re a perfect match
Unlike you & I…it’ll never happen
She’s twice as lovely
I’m trying to do some revision
But I seem to be focusing on you.
You’re still watching me & I’m still watching you
We both know it’s pointless
She’s started to talk to you
You respond smiling the same smile I could die for
She smiles back, her face brightens
My face darkens with pain
I feel a sudden headache start
Your eyes are fixed on each other
Then you laugh & turn away
She knows your feeling for her…& so do I
I know she wants your attention
I know you’re giving it to her
She’s everything I’m not, why wouldn’t you go for her?
The thought kills me
I slowly place my head down & wrap my arms
Around it until I see total darkness
I hear your chair turn
You must have looked at me before turning back
I look up again & just miss you
Your silent, I can’t work out why
What hides behind your smile?
A big heart or a big head?
Just wish I knew what you’re really like
I thought you were different
So why do you seem the same…
I know I love you but the more I get to know you
The more I wish I hadn’t fallen for you
I spent the rest of the lesson with my head down
You spent the rest of the lesson in silence
What were you thinking?
You’ve become serious – it makes me feel guilty
The lesson ends & the bell rings
I lift my head – you quickly leave
I slowly walk out after you….
What will the next lesson be like…?
For it is soon, I fear what’ll happen…
I don’t need the extra stress,
Yet I have brought it upon myself…
I know what I feel, just afraid to say it…
Since you can’t hear me…
I’ll say it silently…
I think I love you…

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26 Jun 2008 No Comment 2

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