Yeh Barishein Bhi Tum Si Hain

Yeh Barishein Bhi Tum Si Hain
Jo Baras Gai To Bahar Hain

Jo Theher Gai To Qarar Hain
Kabhi Aa Gai Yunhi Be Sabab

Kabhi Chah Gai Yunhi Roz O Shab
Kabhi Shor Hain Kabhi Chup Si Hain

Yeh Barishein B Tum C Hain
Kisi Yaad Mein Kisi Raat Ko

Ek Dabi Howi Si Raakhko
Kabhi Yun Howa K Bhuja Diya

Kabhi Khud Se Khud Ko Jala Diya
Kabhi Boond Boond Mein Ghum C Hain
Yeh Barishein B Tum C Hain

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