Yeh Bacha Kaisa Bacha Hay

Yeh Bacha Kaisa Bacha Hay
Jo Rait Pe Tanha Betha Hay

Na Iskay Pait Main Rooti Hay
Na Iskay Tan Per Kapra Hay

Na Iskay Sur Per Toopi Hay
Na Iskay Pair Main Joota Hay

Na Iskay Pas Khiloono Main Koi Bhaalo Hay Koi Ghoora Hay
Na Iska Dil Behlanay Ko Koi Loori Hay Koi Jhoola Hay

Na Iski Jaib Main Dhela Hay Na Iskay Haath Main Paisa Hay
Na Iskay Ammi Abbu Hain Na Iskay Appa Khala Hain

Yeh Sara Jag Main Tanha Hay
Yeh Bacha Kaisa Bacha Hay?

Yeh Duniya Kaise Duniya Hay?
Is Duniya K Kuch Takroon Main

Kahi Phool Khilay Kahi Sabza Hay
Kahi Badal Ghir Ghir Atay Hain

Kahi Chashma Hay Kahi Dariya Hay
Kahi Oonchay Mehal Aatariyaan Hain

Kahi Mehfil Hay Kahi Mela Hay
Kahi Kaproo K Bazaar Sajay

Kahi Kaproo K Bazaar Sajay
Kahi Doulat K Sandooq Bharay

Haan Tanba Soona Roopiya Hay
Tum Jo Maango Tu Haazir Hay

Tum Jo Chahao Su Milta Hay
Tum Jo Chahao Su Milta Hay

Yeh Duniya Kaise Duniya Hay
Yeh Bacha Kaisa Bacha Hay

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