Yaar Ko Ragbat-E-Agyaar Naa Hone Paaye

Yaar Ko Ragbat-E-Agyaar Naa Hone Paaye
Gul-E-Tar Ko Havaz-E-Khaar Naa Hone Paaye

Agyaar= Rivals (Actually, It Is Plural For ‘Gair’)]
[Gul-E-Tar=dew-Drenched (Fresh) Flower,
Havaz-E-Khaar=(Fall) Prey To A Thorn]

Baag Ki Sair Ko Jaate To Ho Par Yaad Rahe
Sabzaa Begaanaa Hai Do-Chaar Naa Hone Paaye

[Baag= Garden, Sair= Stroll In/ Visit, Sabzaa= Flora/ Greenery,
Do-Chaar Honaa= To Get Close To]

Jamaa Kar Lijiye Gamzon Ko Magar Khubi-E-Bazm
Bas Vahin Tak Hai Ke Baazaar Naa Hone Paaye

[Khubi-E-Bazm=beauty Of (This) Gathering]

Aap Jaate To Hain Is Bazm Mein Lekin “Shibli”
Haal-E-Dil Dekhiye Izhaar Naa Hone Paaye

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