Writing The Heart

After you, after what use to be,
I’ve been lost, all alone at sea.
The things we did, the things we said,
twirl around endlessly in my head.
I think of tender hugs and that stolen kiss,
The times apart, the talks I will always miss.
My broken heart beats a somber wistful tune,
My broken heart weeps at the very sight of June.
What you did, back then I could never understand,
What you’ve done, now I am starting to comprehend.
I can only blame chance, I can only blame time,
I cannot blame you, for you’ve never been mine.
The days go by, and the days go fast,
Yet I still sit here wishing on the past.
Some days I smile, some days I’m moving on,
But those some days are just a pair out of a ton.
Eventually I will mend, eventually I will heal,
eventually I will forget the instances to feel.
When that time comes, when I am finally free,
When I let go of all the torment within me,
Do not ponder what was, or do a double take,
Do not return to me, realizing to part was a mistake.

by robind 

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22 Sep 2019 No Comment 3

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