I Get
So Lost
In Those Long Eyelashes
That You Think
Are Too Feminine
Not Understanding
That They’re Unisex
Not Just For Women
But How You
Perk Yourself Up
Just To Clip At Them
Its Just The Child In You
How You Sing
From Your Nose
And Claim
Its Your Diaphragm
How Sometimes
You Get Upset
And Just Dont
Give A D***
But How At Times
You See Im Hurting
And Sweetly Hold My Hand
It’s Just The Love In You
How You Make
Exaggerating Noises
When You’re Eating
How Your Brain
Shuts Down
When Others
Have Different Opinions
Or Ignore People
When They’ve Pointed
Out Different Reasons
It’s Just The Immaturity In You
How You Wont
Swallow Pride
But Instead Hold On
How You
Get In That Angry Mode
And Want To Be Left Alone
But How You
Turn Right Back Around
And Sing Your Little Song
It’s Just The Friend In You

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Its Like
You Have A Gift
Of Knowing
How To Make
Me Feel Special
All Over Again
Like You
Traced My Inner Thoughts
And Felt My Tears
Being Caressed
On My Cheeks
You Knew
The Way
I Felt
Before You
Even Said

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Try To Understand
That It
Was Never My Intent
To Leave Our
Happy Home
In Wee Hours
You Came Back To Me
And Some Nights
You Left Me
It Was Never My Intent
To Free Myself
From Caged Doors
Unkept Promises
And Emotional Drainage
Gaining Every Bit Of Me
With Tragedy
And Maudlin Chapters
I Could Write In Books
Try To Understand
That He Is What I’ve Waited For
While I Yearned For You
To Lay Close To Me
He Was What I Needed
While I Only Wanted Your Time
Instead Of Farfetched Expectatons
And While Your
Is Out To Win Me Back
And Making Me
Crave For You
Was Only
Just A Plan
To See You Bow Down
To Me

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Engineer Of The Year Award Goes To.. One Of The Scariest Tattoo Brave Cat – Beat The Fear Aa Dekhe Kismein Kitna Hai Dum Escape Into Reality – Sculpture By Michal Trpak This Is Indian Police – Ready To Save Our Lives Khas Bando Ke Liye Khas Ghadi Cute Little Devil Drift Wood Art – A Horse Made From Driftwood Not A Real Owl, It Is Food Art

Without Make- Up
Without A Purse
Without A Size 6 Waist
Without Fake And Manicured
Long Nails
Without Flawless Skin
Without Processed Hair
Without Dresses Or Skirts
Without Little Thighs
Without Arched Eyebrows
Without Pseudo Lashes
Without Thin Ankles
Without Average Breasts
Without Support
Without Contacts
Without Money
Without Flowing Appearance
Without Just One Meal A Day
With Boldness
With Sassiness
With Satiation
With Stubborn Ways
With Headstrong Antics
With Indecisiveness Displayments
You Still
Love Me For Me

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Ek Din Pyar Aur Dosti Mile,
Pyar Ne Puchha Mere Hote Hue

Tumhara Yahan Kya Kaam?
Dosti Boli Tum Jin Aankho Main

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When I Heard
The News
I Was A Bit
Of His Life
Once No One
Is There
To Hold His Hand
Or Watch His Footsteps
Hoping God Will
Lead Him
In The Right Path
Only Fifteen
What Hasn’t He Seen
That Hasn’t Deprived
Him Of His Nature
And Innocent Manhood
The Harsh
Such As Molestation
And Sexual Abuse
Of The Same Gender
Too Young
To Know
The Pleasures
Yet He Is
Downloading Them
Wee Hours Of The Night
As His
Gullible Parents
Are Sleeping
And Too Much
In A Mild Coma
To Know
That He
Is Pleasing Himself
With Pornography
Of Wild Flesh
And Moaning
And Groaning
Into Positions
His Virgin Eyes
Are Too Young
To Know About
But He Knows
The Reason
And Why Does He Know ?
Because Of
The Idiot Box
Someone Calls Tv
Programming His Mind
Even Exploiting
Such Inhumane Acts
So While
He Seems
To Be
The Only
In This
Porn Society
Let Us
Point Out
To Millions
Of Kids
That Are

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Worthless Chatter
Hell What Does It Matter
They Still Get
Paid By The Hour
Whether They Clock In
Or Leave A Group
Of Eager And Restless Students
Waiting To Open
The Door
That Leads To
Motionless Mechanisms
Called Teaching
They Delve In Their
And Expect
The Student
To Know
Just As Much
Because Its
Something Called
College Preparation
Only Gave Me Hell
And Left Me Breathtaken
With Knowing
How Dumb
I Really Am

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What Am I Doing?
Is This Really
The Way
Its Supposed To Be
Seeing My Reflection
In The Mirror
Its Not Me
Its Someone
Who Lost
All Her Hope
That She Kept
So Well In Her Heart
Who Managed
To Give Up
For An Intrinsic Art
What Am I Doing?
Am I Supposed To Be Here
Why Are These Tears
Rolling Down My Face
Why Am I Feeling Fear
No Longer
Can I Put
On This Facade
Or Hide Myself
In This Shameful
The Beauty
That I Have
Known In Me
Has Disappeared
So Fast
My Skin
Is Wilted
My Body
Aches From Misery
I Feel Demented
My Mind Is Losing
Its Functioning
I’ve Hid
In The Black Sheets
And No Longer
Can I Stand
Choosing My Life
My Devotion
Over A Human

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You’ll Have To Excuse Me
For My Overzealous Behavior
But What You Won Me Over
Is What Got
This Girl
Blushing Also
Pardon My Constant
Eye Rolling
But Patience Is
Wearing Off
And Your Flirtatious Ways
Need To Cease
Confidence Is Here
But Why She’s Over There
Gawking And Drooling
How Can I Manage
To Control My Insinuations

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As The Rain Patters
On My Window Pane
I Cry Out For You
With A Silence Only
We Can Hear
As The Thunder Rolls
I Fear That
Your Car
Wont Be The One
Pulling In The Driveway
As The Lightning Hits
I Think Doubts
That You Wont
Be Here
When I Wake Up In The Morning
But When Its All Over
And The Sun Shines Through My Window
I Feel Your Warmth
All Over Me
Without Us Touching

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