Jehra Deve Dokha Har Rishte Ch,
Ohnu Ki Pata, Hunde Ne Ilzaam Ki.

Jihde Layi Pyar Ek Khed Hove,
Ohde Layi Khon Da Anjaam Ki.

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Una Rattan De Sannateya To Puch,
Dubbi Vich Tere Khat Adpatea To Puch.
Yaad Kardi Jad Teri Battan Nu,
Mein Aksar Rondi Rattan Nu.

Oh Luk-Luk Ke Rona,
Sari-Sari Raat Na Sona,
Jad Kholdi Dil De Jazbata Nu.
Mein Aksar Rondi Rattan Nu.

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Maut Meri Da Din Hove, Cha Marn Da Vi Beshumar Hove.
Rakha Ek Akhri Khwaish, Bhave Maut Sare-Bazar Hove.

Es To Vadiya Ki Maut Honi, Je Akhia Samne Dildaar Hove.
Sajjna De Ek Hath Meri Dhon Hove, Duje Hath Talwar Hove.

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