I Find Myself Lost
Lost Among A Crowd Of Londoners
In My First Visit To This Dismal, Colorless City
And Though It’s My First Visit
I Find Myself Searching
Searching For Your Red Dress
In A Grey Crowd
You’ve Never Been To London Though
You’ve Never Even Left The Country
Well, At Least Not While You Were Earth Bound
But Who Knows
You May Have Grown Adventurous
In Your Second Life
And Travel The World Daily
Maybe You Watch The Sun Rise Every Morning
From Some Secluded Spot
Along The Great Wall Of China
Maybe You Smile
Over The Roof Tops Of French Homes
From The Tip Of The Eiffel Tower
Every Afternoon
And Maybe Every Evening
You Watch The Sun
Slip Back Into His Bed
From The Vantage Point
Of Some Tribal Man’s Fishing Cannoe
As He Slowly Paddles In For The Night
With His Catch
Or Maybe, Just Maybe
You’re By My Side Right Now
Snapping 35 Mm Pictures In Every Direction
Like That Time We Visited Vermont In The Fall
And The Leaves Took Your Breath Away

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She Came Into The Room Like The Sun
Burning Bright And Casting Light
On Everything And Everyone
Her Movements Were Warm And Elegant
Like One Of Beethoven’s Better Symphonies
And The Whole Night I Was Looking At Her
She Was Looking At Me
We Held Hands
And Drove Through The Rain
That Didn’t Know
It Was Mainly Supposed To Fall
On Spanish Plains
But No Amount Of Water
Could Put A Damper On Our Plans
That Night
Headlights On Houses
Each One Further From The Next
Until We Came To A Barn
That Seemed Secluded Enough
And Decided To Stay The Night
We Slipped Off Our Wet Clothes
And Made Known
Our Sexualities To The World
Or At Least As Much Of The World
That Was Present
In The Barn That Night
Her Skin Was Made Of Flower Petals
Stitched Together With Moonbeams And Starlight
And She Smelled Like A New Idea=
And Through The Darkness
I Could See The Look In Her Eyes
And I Knew It Was Time
To Lay By Her Side
And Count The Raindrops
Pitter Pattering On The Muddied Ground
The Next Day
I Awoke In The Hay
And Before I Could Say
One Word
She Flew Like A Bird
From My Sight
With Nothing To Show
For My Near Perfect Night
Except For The Mud On My Shoes
And My New Found Blues

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Tonight I Want To Feel More
Than Your Thighs Against My Side
Tonight I Want To Be More
Than Just Another Faceless Guy
I Want To See You With My Fingertips
I Want To Touch You With My Heart
I Want To Meet Your Cherry Lips
As They Begin To Part
Tell Me What You’re Seeing
When You Look Into My Eyes
Tell Me What You’re Feeling
When Your Hand Touches Mine
Is It More Than Just Skin And Bones
Someone To Hold
When You’re Alone
Is It More Than Just Another Night
Another Way
To Feel Alright
Is It More
Or Is It Less
I Ask You As
You Slip Off Your Dress
But You Just Smile
And Don’t Say A Word
So Another Night
I Go Unanswered

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KingFisher Getting His Fast Food This Is How To Handle The Police Gillette Venus Women’s Razors The Amazing Wat Samphran Temple In Bangkok GoPlate Concept – Eating While Standing Kisi Aur Se Kaise Fass Sakti Hai Vo Chinese Avengers – Going To Save The World Awesome Pencil Flower Art You Read It Wrong Dear Ohh God, I Love This Song

The Week We Got The News
You Decided You Wanted To Travel The World
But With Stage Three
It’s Not Easy
To See The Eiffel Tower
Rising Up Majestically
To Meet The Sky
So We Settled On Vermont
It Was Fall
And The Leaves Were Every Color
Of Red, Orange And Yellow
And It Left You Breathless
You Brought Along Your Old Hobby
A 35mm You Used
To Snap Off Pictures
In Every Direction
You Were Like A Child
Seeing Disney For The First Time
With All That Magic Glowing In Your Eyes
But Vermont Was As Far As We Got
And Next Fall I Had To Return

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I Walked Along The Grey Sidewalk
Covered In Grey Snow
That Fell From A Grey Sky
And I Needed To See Color Again
I Needed To See Your Eyes
Bright, Shining And Blue
As Happy To See Me
As I’d Be To See You
But It’s Cold Out Now
And It’s A Wet Cold
Soaked And Frozen I Trudge Along
Fighting Hypothermia
With One Of Your Warm Kisses
That I Keep In A Box
I Was Mad
And You Were Right
But I’m Not Mad Anymore
Just Alone
And Missing You

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I Dusted Off My Old Shoes
And Black Suit
I’ve Got So Many Reasons To Be Sad Today
I Woke To A Hallucination Of You
Laying Next To Me
The Sun Catching Your Eyes Just Right
And Setting Your Crystal Line Gaze Ablaze
Oh How I Long To Burn In Your Sight Just One More Time
As I Shuffle Down The Hall To The Kitchen
Your Shadow Skips Along With Me
Like A Phantom, You Sit In The Chair Across The Table
And Watch Me Eat My Cheerios
With A Smile On Your Translucent Face
And A Vacant Space In Your Place
I Put On My Coat And Head Down Town
And You Decide To Follow
Your White Sunday Dress
Hanging Off Your Hollow Frame
And Swaying Gently As You Keep Pace
I Don’t Want You Around Today Though
I Tell The Flower Shop Sales Man
He Smiles Politely But He Doesn’t Understand
So I Slowly Make My Way Up To Timber Lane
And Slip Through The Rod Iron Gate
I Walk By Others Meeting Their Loved Ones
Telling Stories Of How Johnny Took His First Steps Today
Or How Jim Finally Got Out Of Prison
Or Just How Hard It Is
Now That They Aren’t Around
And I Walk Up To You
Laying In The Ground
Flowers All Around
And I Just Have Some More To Add To Your Collection
I Talk For A While As You Listen Contently
And I Hold Back A Tear
Because Even Though I Know You’re In A Better Place
I Still Wish You Were Here

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As The Sun Rises Over A Sleepless World
The Angels Emerge From The Ocean
Dripping With The Solitude
Of Their Holy Lives
But Angels Do Not Only Sleep
On Ocean Beds
But On Mattresses As Well
With Goose Down Pillows
Under Head
Wings Unfurl
And Spread Across A Queen Sized
Fit For A Princess
But Housing A Saint
Silver Skin Shines In The Moon Light
Two Blue Eyes
Pierce The Dark
Your Glory Outshines
And Celestial Body
I Have Ever Held Before
Or Could Ever Hope To Hold

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Sher Ka Puttar Hai Tu
Pathan Apne Bete Ko Kisi Baat Par Samjha Raha Thha, Aur Bola. Pathan: "Oye Ghabra Mat Tu Sher Ka Puttar Hai" Beta

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Ladka Apni Sasural Mein Gaya Aur Dukhi Man Se Apni Saas Ko Bola. Larka: "Aap Ki Beti Muje Khush Nahi Rakhti" Saas:

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