Meri Zindagi Par Tajub Nahi Tha
Meri Mout(Death) Par Harani Hain

Nadan Hue Harsh Main Jinke Badale
Jaawani Ki Doo-Char Nadaniya Hain

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Jiske Kan Kan Mein Thi Bewafaai Ki Khushbu
Dil Ke Aangan Main Poudha(Plant) Aaisa Mehkaya Humne

Gir Gaye Wo Khud Hi Aapni Nazaroo Se Dosto
Jab Unka Diya Zakhm Unhi Ko Dikhaya Humne

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Bahaar Beet Gayi Unki Justaju Karte
Kabhi Jo Samne Aate Too Guftagu Karte
Tamam Hasrate Jal Raakh Ho Gayi Dil Main
Tamana Thi Ki Woh Raakh Unke Rubaru Karte
Tamasha Dekhne Walo Zarra Too Gour Karro
Yahi Sukun Agar Aap Mehsus Karte

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Happy Diwali 2012 Jai Shree Ganesha Funny Cat – I’m Sorry I Ate Your Friend Elephant Fish, Look Awesome GoPlate Concept – Eating While Standing I Am Ready For A Ride Sweet Child In Blue Dress Sweet Brown Puppy Looking Somewhere Not Today – Once In A Lifetime Shot A Cool Creativity With Scissors

Life Is Like A Packs Of Cards
When Fall In Love Its Alll Hearts
When Married,Its All Flowers
When Rich, Its All Diamonds
When Dead,Its All Spades

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Kyun Duaa Puri Asar Nahi Hoti
Kyun Khudaa Ko Khabar Nahi Hoti

Ishq Kee Raah Pe Chalne Walo Ko
Khazane Pane Ki Chhah Nahi Hoti

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I Care About You More Than Ever
When We Talk I Feel So Close To You

I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed To Do
I Have Almost Forgotten What You Did To Me

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Side By Side We Stand One By One We Land
Crazy But In Need Our Tears We Need To Feed

Being Hated And Being Traded
Pillow Fights And Long Nights

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Aaaiye The Mujhse Milne Magar Main Na Jab Mille
Woh Meri Bekhudi Se Mulaqaat Kar Gaye
Main Umar-Bhar Aadam Naa Koi De Saki Jawaab
Woh Ek Nazar Main Itne Sawalat Kar Gaye

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Love Is As Much Of An Object As An Obsession
Everybody Wants It, Everybody Seeks It

But Few Ever Achieve It
Those Who Do Will Cherish It

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You’re The One
Is It Possible
That Someone Like You
Could Complete Me?

You’re The Only One I Want
The Only One I Think About
The Only One I Truly Love
You’ve Treated Me Wrong Sometimes

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Funny Veg Jokes

Height Of Memory Loss
Height Of Memory Loss: A Boy Opens His Tiffin Box On The Road Side To See, Whether He Is Going To School, Or Comin

New Add Of Fair & Lovely
Fair & Lovely Ki Unseen Ad Maa: "Nalayak, Itni Raat Tak Kaha Thi?" Beti: "Mom, Boyfriend Ke Saath" Maa: "Ka

A Tip To Hide Your Private Files In Computer
How To Hide Your Important Files From People Without Making Hidden Folders. 1. Go To Desktop And Create A New Folder.

Choosing Career Is Like..
Choosing Career Is Like Choosing A Wife From 10 Girls. Even If You Pick The Most Beautiful And Intelligent Woman,

Add Wife, Have Life – Awesome Thought Of William Sexfear
If You Marry One Woman, She Will Fight With You. But If You Marry 2 Women, They Both Will Fight For You. Add Wife,

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