Dukh Dard Bhare Is Jeevan Ki
Andhiyaari Raat Fail Gayi
Nisha Ke Is Samrajya Mein
Jivanshaili Simat Gayi

Intezaar Kar Rahe Wo Apnii
Aakhri Saaso Kaa
Hatotsahit Bojhil Aankhien
Karti Intezaar Apne Kafan Kaa

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Jab Dard Is Dil Ko Hota Hain
Waqt Kanhi Tham Jaata Hain
Saans Chalti Jaati Hain
Waqt Ki Thokar Khaati Hain

Dill Ke Sapnon Ke Sheeshey
Aankhon Mein Yun Chubhte Hain
Fir Naynon Ke Ashkon Ke Moti
Man Ki Maala Ban Jaate Hain

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Aisa Kyun Hotaa Hain
Jab Chaahun Aasmaan Par Jaana
Kaale Baadal Chaa Jaate Hain
Jab Chahun Dhara Par Sthirtaa
Dhara Bhee Dol Pardti Hain

Aisa Kyun Hotaa Hain
Jab Thamu Khushiyon Ka Daaman
Pareshaniyon Ke Cheete Pardte Hain
Jab Chahun Saptrang Ki Srishti
Saptrang Bhikarne Lagte Hain

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Awesome Micro Art On Nails Human Eye Is 576 Mega Pixels Wow Lovely Mehndi Design On Kid’s Feets The Universe Has A Message For You What The Love Is Oh My God Where Is My Mouth? Watermelon Art Look Like A Real Man Truly A Batman Fan – Batman Mustache Creative Art On Eye This Is Just A Sofa

When The Sun Is High
And The Mind Is Low
You Are There To Make Me Flow
Through The Forest Of Life
To Make The Mind Glow
When The Spirit Defies
And The Souls Stands To Cry.
No One On My Side
You Are There To Give A Ride
To The Side Of Life

When The Progress Retards
And The Life Without Award
Life Like A Coward
You Are There For A Start
And To Take The Life Forward

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Human Heart Fresh As Nature
Pure As Rain

Grows Slowly
With Sorrow & Pain

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The Silence Is Killing
With Loneliness Gapeing
Making Me Feel Like A Weird Person
I Am Marooned In This
Thronged World…..
In The Forest Of Silence…
The Fruits Bear No Humane….
The World Being Mechanic..
The Deadly Hunt For Existence…
Making The Innerself Die..
In This Plethora Of Spryness
Where Is The Human…
Who Loved The Life..
In This Chaos N Chasm
With The Human On Avalance
Where Is The Human Who
Loved The Life Charm……
The Cry Of Loneliness Is Lost
With The Cover Of Success Lying At The Top
With The Words Of Soul
Gets No Ears & The
Outer World Sneers…..
With The Innerself Crying
I M Lost
‘The Silence Killing
& The Loneliness Gapeing’

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Why We See The Life
More As A Bane
Less As A Boon.
More As A Problem
Less As A Solution

Why We Find
Other’s Life A Tic-Tac-Toe
&Our Life A Monster’s Toe

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