Let That White Horse Of Thought
With The Wing Of Idea
Run Into That Void

Let Those Drops Of Your Thoughts
Develop Into Sea Of Your Belief
Your Thought And You…

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Life Was Sorry N

Thorn Spread Bed…

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Har Sapne Ko Udaan Nahi Milti
Har Udaan Ko Jahaan Nahi Miltaa
Kisi Ko To Miltaa Hain
Mukammal Jahaan
To Kisi Ko Do Gaj Jamin
Do Gaj Aasamaan Nahi Miltaa

Har Kshti Ko Kinaara Nahi Miltaa
Har Majhdaar Me Sahara Nhi Miltaa
Koi To Hotaa Hain Mukaddar Ka Sikandar
To Kisi Ko Muh Ka Nivala Nahi Miltaa

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Creative And Perfect Timing Photo A White Bird Purely Made From a Paper Humanity – A Man Saved Kittens From Heavy Flood Hats Off To Her May God Bless Her Slip Out, Slip Out, Please Peanut Zombies This Is The Power Of Red Bull Comma Sutra Lovely Appeal of a Girl Ye To Gayi Aaj Kaam Se, Marne Ka Anokha Tarika

In Sapnon Ki Udaan To Dekho
Chute Hain Ye Jahaan Ko
Panchi Bhee Jahaan Pahunch Naa Paaye
Paate Hain Us Mukaam Ko

In Sapno Ka Kyaa Kahnaa
Ye Hain Man Ke Rang-Tarang Ki Chaaya
Khayalon Ke Moti Chun-Chun Kar
Banti Hain Khawabon Ki Maala

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I’m Lost
Dont Know Where….
I’m Shouting…
Words Are Lost….
Nobody Has Time To Spare…

Looking At Mirror..
Is It Me…
Lost In Despair…
Dont Know Where….

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Why We Find Life
Bored And Tired
An Enigma & Satire
Miffed N Mire…

Life Meant For
Mirth N Gay
Is Taken Away By…

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Sorry 4 All D Time I Hurted,
Sorry 4 All D Times I Made U Cry
Sry 4 All D Mistakes I Made
Sry 4 All D Craps I Did Again N Again
Sry 4 All D Times I Became A Fiend 4m Frnd
Sry 4 Making U Move On D Dead Ends
Sorry 4 Meking A Swt Frnd Cry..
Bt Widout Dis Frnd Life Cannot Suffice

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I Saw A Man,
Lost In The Life’s Chaos
Cleaved By The Emotion
In Trauma & Dillusioned

Standing In The Throng
I Saw A Man
Tantalized By The Life
Alone He Stands

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As Seven Colors Of Raibow
Ablooms The Sky…
The Prism Of Hardwork..
Make The Colors Of Life..
Boom & Fly..

The Spectrum Of Success
Is Not Easy To Build..
It Needs The Zeal N Zing
To Accomplish The Drill..

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Tanhaayi Wo Ous Ki Bund Hain
Jo Taru Ke Pushp-Pattiyon
Par Ek Moti Ki Bund Si Achi Lagti Hain
Par Jab Pattiyan Unme Doob Jaaye
To Ashru Si Lagti Hain

Tanhaayi Wo Andhere Ki Aas Hain
Jo Khud Ka Ehsaas Karati Hain
Jab Vyathit Man Gatha Sunaye
To Chup Kar Sun Jaati Hain

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