Of Words To Be.
Written Down,
To Fill A Need.
Penned Forth To Read.
Hung On Walls,
For All To See.
Of The Past.
For The Future,
Made To Last.
Little Words,
That Make Us Dream.
Cry And Scream.
Delivered To Us,
In A Grin,
Read In Ways,
That Chill The Skin.
But Sometimes Fun.
A Poets Work Is Never Done

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I Think Of You,
I Talk Of You,
I See You In My Dreams.
You Hauntingly So Beautiful,
I Feel A Need To Scream.
I Smell The Smell Of Loveliness,
Every Time Your Near.
I Swear That All The Angels Sing,
When Its Just Your Voice I Hear.
Lustfully By Magic Spell,
There’s Just No Other Way.
That You Are All I Think I Need,
To Make It Through Each Day.
When Truth Is Pointed Out To Me,
My Face It Seems Does Blush.
But Honestly I Cant Deny,
On You Ive Got A Crush

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Will Breath By Seconds,
Live By Minutes,
Measure Time By Hours.
We Talk Of Things,
That Are Insane,
And Watch Ourselves Devour.
We Want To Be The Only Ones,
Of Whom All Life Does Care.
We Hold Our Breaths For Those Who Fall,
And All We Do Is Stare.
Man Is Such A Wicked Beast,
So Few Know How To Love.
Is It Any Wonder,
That We Gaze At Stars Above.
With Desire To Be Far Away,
From Where We Stand Today.
Its Mostly Lies Of Which We Speak,
In Everything We Say.
I May Be Wrong,
But I Think Not,
And Who Are You To Say.
Have You Not Ever Gazed At Stars,
And Wished For Far Away

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My Little Bitty Chocolate Dog,
Gets Smaller Everyday.
But Seems That I Just Cant Resist,
From Licking On Her Face.
I Brought Her Home And Sit Her Down,
Which Is Exactly Where She Stays.
But Little Bit By Little Bit,
She Seems To Go Away.
I Love My Little Chocolate Dog,
A Puppy Cant Be Sweeter.
She Never Makes A Single Sound,
And I Don’t Have To Feed Her.
Soon I’ll Get Another Dog,
This Is Truth I Say.
Because My Little Bitty Chocolate Dog,
Gets Smaller Everyday.

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Ek Ghar Mein Ek Moti Aurat Rahti Thi, Ek Din Uske Ghar Mein Chor Guss Aya Moti Aurat Ne Chor Pakda Or Uske Upar Beth

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