What You Want
Me To Talk
Talk Of Your Beauty
The Gorgeousness Of Your Body
The Curves Tender
The Neck Like Swan
Fairness Of Skin
Sleepy Eyes
Your Red Lips
The Fall Of Your Hairs
Touching The Line
Thin Legs
And The Beauty Of Your Hands
A Piece Of Art
With Henna
Or A Modern Tattoo
Immensity Of Love
A Moment Memorable
An Evening
Sunset Redness
I Have Won You
By My Talk
My Love For You
The Moment Is Gone
Now I Am Alone
Your Memories
Even That Moment
No Longer Here
So Are Your Memories
Why So Many Fantasies
I Live In Real World
So What Is The Meaning Of Love
An Addition
A Journey Forward
Towards Absolute Freedom

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In The Cold Winter Days
When She Was So Ill
Something Strange Happened
I Went Senseless

I Saw Her In Her Mothers Lap
Deep Asleep
She Awoke To See Me
And Went Again To Sleep

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Translate It To Me
Let Me Understand The Context
What You Say Is Not True
You Perpetuate Your Own Ideas
If At All You Understand
The Meaning Of An Idea
Translate It To Me
I Don’t Understand Latin
Let Me Be Out
Of The Spell Of Your Eloquence
Let Me Understand It
And Let Me Search The Things
Which Are For Me
And Let Me Know Its Meaning
I Don Not Agree With What You Say
Because You Are A Nondescript
Let Me Understand It Myself
For It Is Not What You Say
Let Your Demons And Gods
And Your Heavens And Hell
Be Your Story Of This World
And The World Hereafter
I Want To Have My Own Story
And My Own Translations
And My Own Heavens

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter Is That A Devil In The Sky? Turtle Likes Strawberry Sa One, Sardar Ji Tusi To Chaa Gaye Mom I am So Happy Today Cute Girl With Beautiful Eyes Vegehead By Carl Warner Latte Art Kiki by Dola This Is A Purely Cake A Baby Turtle Born WIth Two Heads

In The Beloveds Street I Lost My Heart
Lost From My Home And Into The Street
The Mad Man Of The Town
The Laughter Of The People
My Form Is Lost
My Address Is Gone
My Memories Are Faded
I Was Once
A Man Of Form
My Home Elegant
And Now
Children Stone At Me
My Garment Torn
In Selfless Agony
Away From The Confines Of Time And Space
In Ultimate Union
Of The Beloveds Imagination
In The Confines Of Those Serpentine Curves
Under The Shadows Of Those Dark Hairs
The Wine, Heavenly Wine
Pouring From The Unending Beauty
Lost In That Mystery
The Joyful Existence
O Love
What Hath Thou Cast On Me

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Aaj Insaniyat Se Vishwas Uth Gaya
Ek Ghar Mein Chor Ghusa Jaise Hi Tijori Todne Laga Uspe Likha Tha Todne Ki Jarurat Nahi Hai, Button Dabao Apne Aap

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