Sadharan Si Ek Choti Mombati
Ban Jane Ki Abhilasha Hai Hamari

Taaki Jab Tum Jeewan Ke Poustak
Main Prem Ke Do Pan.Ne Padhogi

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Aaj Kal Likhne Ke Siwaa Kuch Kaam Nahin Hai
Issi Liye Kalam Ko Zaraa Sa Aaraam Nahin Hai

Mere Dard Bhare Shayri Se Bhara Mera Diary
Rehne Do, Tum Par Koyi Bhi Ilzaam Nahin Hai

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Distant Love…
Give Me, If You Feel,
Some Tenderness
That You Certainly Possess.

Perfume Your Words
With Essences Of Goodness
And Well-Wishing
Then Send Them To Me.

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Awesome Creativity With Fruits – Looks Real Shadow Installations By Rashad Alakbarov Home Made Transformer Boooo, Dog Or Ghost? Let Me Rest Here For While I Love Eating Snakes Sweet Little Cute Girl Making Her Own Lunch Awesome Wax Art By Ferdi Rizkiyanto This Is Indian Police – Ready To Save Our Lives Don’t Dare To Kiss Me

Tanhaai Hi Tanhaai Hai Aaspaas
Aur Khirkhi Ke Shishon Par
Baarish Ki Boundein…!
Baadal Bhi Gumsum…

Hawaaon Main Alasyapan…!
Dil Ki Udaan Dhimi Dhimi…
Eisse Main Jee Na Oube
To Aur Kya Kare…!

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Khuda Ne Bhi Araam Kiya Tha Fitrat-E-Qudrat Karte Karte
Ek Woh Hai Jo Na Thake Ab Tak Mere Saath Khelte Khelte

Goum Houe Oujaale Mere Saaye Ko Mohabbat Dete Dete
Mere Aftaab Ne Aahein Bharaa Kahin Tanha Dhalte Dhalte

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We Have Too Much Imagination,
And If We Say A Lie, It ‘s A Missed Truth

That Sooner Or Later Will Happen
Changes The Wind But Us…, No, Never

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Why Is The Sun Keeping On Shining?
Why Are The Birds Still Singing?

Don’t They Know That You Are Gone?
Why Does The Sea Keep On Kissing The Shore?

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Who Knows If The Wind Responds Me
While I Am Wailing My Pain…
Who Knows If The Words That I Have Given To Him
Will Reach The Height Of Its Heart

It Blows And Brings Along Thousand Illusions
The Warm Days Of My Passion
It Transports My Ideas As Dry Leaves
Into Clouds It Turns My Memories

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Likhne Jo Lage To Mere Kalam Aaram Nahi Lete
Syaahi Bahaate Hein Lekin Koyi Inaam Nahin Lete

Jo Dil O Jaan Se Moujh Deewaane Ko Chahte Hein
Waakai Eisse Shakhs Dimaag Se Kaam Nahin Lete

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It Has Been An Illusion
To Think That All Of My Love
Could Stay In Your Hands

Because The Heart Wants An Answer
It Doesn’t Believe
That Love Can Be Killed But

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Funny Veg Jokes

What Is Pyaar – Real Meaning By Bevda Group
A Father Asked A Question To His Son: "Tell Me Son, What Is Pyaar." Lovely Answer By Son: "Dad, Its A Group Of Friend

Most Heart Breaking Moment In Our Childhood
The Most Heart Breaking Moment In Our Childhood . . . Ghar Aaye Mehmano Ke Diye Hue 500 Rupaye . . . . Jab Mum

Khali Latkane Se Kam Thode Chalega
Santa Subha-Subha Sair Karte Hue Jungle Ki Taraf Ja Pahuncha, Wahaa Usne Ek Saamp Ko Ped Par Latka Hua Dekha, Aur Has

Judwa Bachho Ki Problem
Do Judwa Bachhe Kamre Mein Bethe The, Ek Hans Ke Lot Pot Ho Raha Tha, Dusra Udaas Tha, Papa: "Tum Itna Kyun Hans Rahe

Dumb Boyfriend
Boy Was Driving To Lonavala With His Girlfriend. He Kept His Hand On Her Knee, She Smiled & Said "You Can Go F

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