I’m Ready To Grow Up
And Live In This Hostile World
In This World Of Love
And In This World Of Hate
I Want To Feel One’s Touch
Softly Against My Skin
The Warmth Of His Skin
Makes Me Want To Quiver
I Want To Look Into His Eyes
And See How Much He Loves Me
See His Eyes Sparkle
More Than The Stars In The Sky
I Want To Taste His Lips
Pressed Against Mine
Want This Kiss To Be Neverending
I Want It To Last My Whole Lifetime
I Want To Lay In His Arms
Every Day And Every Night
I Want To Feel His Love Around Me
And Know That His Love Is Here To Stay
I Want To Always Smile
Cause All I Can Think About Is Him
I Want To Be Happy
I Want To Be In Love
I Don’t Want To Be Weak
I Just Want To Be Strong
To Be Able To Fall In Love With A Man
I Will Do Whatever It May Take

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When I Laid My Eyes Upon Him
I Knekw That He Was Someone Special
From The First Time He Said Hi
I Got All Tingly Inside

From The First Day That I Saw Him
I Always Said He Was Soo Cute
He Has A Great Big Smile
And Eyes That Shine For Miles

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Well First Of All I Don’t Understand Why I Am Feeling Bad
I Personally Don’t Think I Need To
But For Some Reason That I Can’t Explain
I Feel Kind Of Sad
It Started Out Because I Had The Dogs In His Room
Because There Was A Person Working In The House
Well One Of The Dogs Did Duty Number One On His Rug
And Now He Is Mad
He Needs To Understand That Room He Sleeps In Is Not His
He Did Not Pay A Dime For It
That Room And That Addition Was All Paid For By My Parents
Who Did Not Have To Let Him Live In That Space
I Understand He Got Mad, But He Knows I Had No Choice.
The Duty Got Cleaned Up So I Don’t Know What The Big Deal Is
Now It’s Just Turned Into Him Acting Like An 8 Year Old Child
Who Yells And Screams And Says I’m To Blame For Everything
There Is No Need To Announce On The Computer
That He Thinks I Am A “lazy Fucking Piece Of Shit
I Know I Shouldn’t Have Let It Get To Me
But I Retaliated Saying He Was A F’n A Hole Who Didn’t Pay For The Addition
Now He Leaves Me A Message Saying That He Paid For All The Furniture
And He Also Pays For The Cable
But For This Argument None Of Those Have Any Relevance
Because The Dog Did Not Do Her Duty On The Furniture Or Interfere With His Cable
I’m Just Sick Of Being Treated As The Outcast
Nobody Has Respect Or Accepts Me For Who I Am
Maybe That Don’t Know Me, And Part Of That Is My Fault
But We Are A Family, We Aren’t Supposed To Act Like Children
I’m Sorry The Dog Peed In Your Room
But I Had No Other Choice
It’s Not Like She Didn’t Go Out
Because She Did Go Out.
I Don’t Care, Be An Ass, Be A Jerk
I Don’t Need You
I Told You I’m Not The Richest Person In The World
That’s Why I Don’t Pay For The Cable Or Internet
Nor Do I Think Its Fair That You Try To Make Me Pay For The Cable And Internet
I Do Use The Internet, I Barely Use The Cable
Why Should I Be The One Paying For The Premium Channels You Need
I Never Asked For It
I Normally Wouldn’t Mind Helping Out Paying The Bill
Because I Do Use The Net
But I Wasn’t Asked Nicely
I Was Told, I Was Yelled At And I’m Always Given Attitude When The Subject Comes Up
Just Treat Me As A Person
And Adult
I’m Not A Child
I Am A Human Being
You May Think I’m A Lazy Piece Of Shit
But Do You Want To Know Why?
It’s Because I Don’t Want To Be In The Same Room As You People
I’m Not In Bed All Day, I Watch T.V. Or Do Things On My Computer
See, There Is A Difference Between You And I
I Do What I Want To Do, You Do What You Want To Do
But The Difference Is You Never Hear Me Complaining
Or Yelling At You Or Putting You Down For The Things You Do
I Accept You For Who You Are
Each One Of Us Is Different
Why Can’t I Feel Like I Belong
Why Can’t My Own Family Accept Me?

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Real Faces Now Tell Me Who is The Daddy This Dog Knows How To Charm The Bitches. Amazing Creativity With Apple Cutting Bread Shoes Looking Delicious Aaj To Tujhe Pakad Hi Lunga Invisible Reflection Photograph By Laura Williams We Copied Doggy Style,They Copied Our Three Some Paint Me Today Ladybug Riding on Dandelion

I Don’t Need No Diamond Rings
I Don’t Need No Strands Of Pearls
I Don’t Need No Fancy Cars
I Have Everything I May Ever Need

I Don’t Need To Follow Society
And Be As Skinny As I Can Be
I Don’t Need No Millions And Millions
And I Don’t Need To Be Filled With Greed

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As One Might Have Heard
There Is A Musical Group
Who I Love And Adore
And They Are Known As The Backstreet Boys
People Tell Me That I Am Too Old
To Like Such A Group
They Say That The Backstreet Boys Are For Children
Who Are About Nine Years Old
But In My View,
I Can Like Who I Choose
Is It True That I Can’t Like The Backstreet Boys
Because They Are For Young Teenagers?
No, Of Course Not
I Make My Own Choices
Nobody Can Tell Me What Music I Listen To
Or What Songs That I Sing From My Favorite Groups
But Why Do I Like The Backstreet Boys?
There Are Many Reasons Why
One, They Are Filled With Great Talent
And Two, I Like The Music That They Sing
Is That All I Like Them For?
Nope, That’s Not All
I Respect Them For Their Individuality
And For Their Love Of Their Career
The Backstreetboys Have Faced Many Hardships
While Pursuing Their Career
I Respect Them For Their Strength And Courage
That They Have To Carry On
Why Do The Backstreet Boys Get Ditched So Much?
This I Don’t Know But Know They Do Not Deserve
All They Want To Do Is Sing
And Make Us Fans Happy
First There Is Kevin,
With His Hair So Brown
And His Bushy Eyebrows
What’s Not To Love About Kev?
Then There Is Howie
He Is Soo Sweet
He Shows Much Love To His Fans
And Would Never Hurt A Soul
Now There Is Brian
With His Angelic Voice
That Anyone Can Hear
From One Thousand Miles Away
And What About Aj
He Is Strong And Does Not Let Anything Get In His Way
He Knows What He Wants And When He Wants It
And Knows Not To Let Negativity Get Into His Head
Lastly, There Is Nick
A Man That Everyone Sees As Soo Hot
But Nick Is Just A Normal Individual
Just Like You And Me
Why Do People Treat The Bsb As They Are Not Normal?
The Bsb Are Five Normal People
Who Are Working Their Job
Just Like Any Other Working Person
I Know I Have Much Love For The Backstreet Boys
Even Though My Family Argues With Me For Listening To Them
I Have Been Inspired To Pursue My Goals
And Let Nobody Get Into My Way
Thank You Kevin, Thank You Howie
Thank You Brian, Thank You Aj
And Thank You Nick For Being Yourselves
And Helping Me Decide Who I Want To Be
You Guys Have Taught Me Soo Much
You Taught Me To Love As I Have Never Done Before
And You Taught Me To Be Who I Am
And Not Hide Inside Of My Body
So What Is Fame?
Is It Being In The Spotlight
Or Is It Being A Role Model
To Me Fame Is Believing In Yourself
And Helping Others Along Their Way
The Spotlight, The Fans, And The T.V.
Are Just A Form Of Fame
But No Matter How You Define Fame
Your Wishes And Desires As Well As Mine Will Stay In My Head As Your Fame
Thank You, For Believing In Yourselves And Helping Me Believe Who I Am

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Lately I Feel So Lost
Don’t Know Who I Am
And I Don’t Know Where I Am Going

Life Just Seems To Be The Same
Wake Up And Go To Work
And Do It Again All Over Again

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I Try So Hard Everyday
To Be A Person
That Is Happy And Cheery
And Somebody Whom I Really Want To Be

No Matter What I Do
Or How Hard I Try
People Do Not Accept Me
For The Person Whom I Really Am

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From The Day That I Was Born
I Was Raised With Morals And Values
Today That Is My Problem
Because My Morals Are Getting In My Way
I Tell Myself I Am Happy
And That I Will Find Somebody Who Loves Me
But Now I Begin To Wonder
If I Will Every Find That Special Someone
I Have This Friend Who Is Cute And Smart
And He Wants Me For His Pleasure
I Refuse To Give In To His Needs
Because He Does Not Respect Me
He Has Been Persistent
And Stating His Wants And Needs
But I Keep Turning Him Down
Because I Am Not Part Of His Future
I Blame This On An Old Friend
Who Told Me Nobody Would Love Me
The Way That He Does
Or The Way That He Feels
Now That I Have Some Options
I Don’t Know What To Do
I Want To Go Visit This Guy
But I’m Afraid To Do Something Stupid
I Feel That I Am Not Normal
Because I Don’t Put Myself Out There
I’ve Done My Share Of Stupid Things
And Don’t Want To Continue This Any Longer
Now I Feel Like I Am Missing Out
On Something That Could Be Special
I’m Afraid To Open Up And Be Myself
And Whatever Happens Will Be
I Hate Being Confused
I Wish I Knew The Answers
I Wish It Wasn’t So Difficult
To Be Who I Am When I Am With This Guy

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