In My Dream Whom I Saw
Looking Long For Her,
I Am Sure In Real Life
Shall Get Her Never.
When I Will Be
Digested By Soil,
She Will See My
Deed’s Counterfoil.
If Cannot Save Love
From The Time’s Shock,
For Nothing Why Making
Such A Huge Stock!
If Any Of Your Souls
Can Survive Then,
Convey To Her A Message That
I Had A Pen;
I Tried Not To Write
Anything Very Bad,
A Pure Love Only The Thing
In Heart I Had.
Tell Her That I Was Also
Very Fond Of Rose,
But Never Sinfully Spoiled
Any One Of Those.
I Always Thought Of Her
Fresh Jewel Of God,
And Full Of Hymns, Life-Songs
As High-Tech I-Pod.

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You Are There
I Am Here,
Such A Distance
I Can’t Bear.
I Love You
You Do Not,
How Can Survive
Such A Shot!
You Have Thirst
I Have River,
We Can Stay
Close Forever.

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She Has Many Lanes
And By-Lanes
In Her Mega-City,
He Has Only One Car
With Single Route Permit
For Him I Feel Pity.
She Has Crores Of Flowers
In Her Garden—
He Has Only A Nose,
Become Tired After
Taking Scent Of A Rose.
Should I Write
For Him A Prose?

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I Asked A Nightingale
Where Is Your Nest, O Bird,
It Replied Becoming Pale
Saving My Eggs Is Very Hard.
I Asked About Residence
Avery Quick Running Rat,
It Answered With Prudence
Words May Reach A Cruel Cat.
I Asked A Beautiful Girl
Where Is Her Home Sweet,
Said Smilingly Fresh Pearl
‘the Heart That Waits To Greet”.

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My Wishes Transformed Into Four Lakh,
In The Process Stopped My Stomach.
They Took Part In A Biology Contest,
Presenting Her A Full-Length Unrest.
One Of My Wishes Won The Competition,
In Lesser Time Reached Destination.
She Greeted The Winning Wish,
Heart And Soul Began To Accomplish
Like A Wish-Processing Factory,
Yet To Decide Whose Is The Victory.
She Spent All Her Peace And Patience,
To Give The Wish A Super Elegance.
Once She Presented Me A Moving Doll,
Heavenly And Obviously Very Little.
Wish Gets Form Of A Beginner,
By Birth Who Is A Winner.

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Really A Real Poet Has No Country,
Seldom Can Get An Award Gallantry.
Once Poet Was Seen To Get A Home,
Wandering Alone In The City Of Rome.
Other Day Poet Was On The Great Wall,
Seated Very Thoughtful Without A Pal.
Was Seen On Sunday In Australia,
Beside The Sea Beach With Nostalgia.
On Monday In London Poet Was Seen,
To Get Pen And Paper Very Very Keen.
On Tuesday Sitting Beside A Russian Girl,
Poet Was Found To Giving To Her A Pearl.
Wednesday Poet Was All Tension-Free,
Seen In Bangladesh Climbing A Tree.
On Thursday The Poet Reached The Vatican,
Friday In The Africa Viewing Pelican.
On Saturday The Poet Busy In Germany,
Thinking To Settle In Country Many Many.
Next Day Poet Was Seen In Maryland,
Some Of The Poems Were Held In Hand.
Poet Felt Poets Have No Home And Property,
Thinking Deep Now On Statue Of Liberty.

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When Hunger Seriously
Knocking At The Door,
Loving Words Very Swift
Abandon The Floor.
If Needed Money Not
Coming In The Pocket,
Dignity And Honor Then
Go Into Bracket.
If Heart Not Getting
Love Plenty Enough,
Life Of A Human
Turns Very Tough.

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Vzthat Night I Became
Annoyed On You,
When Failed To Follow
My Total View.
You Do Not Need To
Stage A Grand Show,
How Beautiful You Are
You Don’t, I Know.

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When You Ask Me How Are You,
My Mind Says That I Love You.
When You Ask Where I Am Going,
A Sweet Song Then My Heart Sing.
When You Ask Me Are You Fine,
My Sense Feels That Life Is Shine.
When You Ask If I Am Alone,
I Hear In It A Special Tone.
When You Ask Me Do I Love You,
That Helps Very Much To Express View.
When You Tell Me I Love You,
Soul Chirps Like A Bird Piew-Piew.

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Your Image
In My Brain
Very Photogenic,
To Go On
Inspire Me
Like Herbal Tonic.


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