Fate Takes No Prisoners
Gives No Weekend Passes
Has Not One Ounce Of Mercy
But Lures With Tales Of ‘Once Upon A Times
And Gets Itself Comfortable
To Watch
The Demise Of Those
Who Dared To Believe
In Its Fairytale Happy Endings

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I Mentally Press The Pause Button
On My Selective Memory Scene
I Splash In The Lagoon Full Of Memories
The Allies Of ‘Ifs And Only’s’ Between

My Sixth Sense Repeatedly Mocking
Cruel Laughter, Spitting ‘Told You So! ‘
What Would Our Babies Look Like, I Wonder
In My Cold Corridor Of Hindsight I Go

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When You’ve Pulled All Your Punches And Lost
When Your Being Is Spent From The Fight
When Your Stone’s Ceased Rolling, Overgrown With Moss
There I’ll Be

When The Pain Of The Truth Is Too Heady
When The Chaos Of The Day Too Much
When The Ifs And The Buts Are Too Many
There I’ll Be

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Sea Horse Kurt Arrigo Mom Is Wow Awesome Tattoo Design And Well Placed Wrong, But Still Want One A Cute Christmas Wish From These Two One Of The Best Creative Art I Have Ever Seen Mantis Riding Nature’s Bike Get Up Dady, It’s Morning Now Just Love What You Have Creative Door Knocker

For Those Who Are Unaware Lea Is Local Education Authority.
Why Do You Torture Us So?
Did The Lea Conspire With God?
Parents Would Rather Not Know
If The School Holidays
Are A Mix Of Continual Rain And Winds That Blow
The Temper Tantrums And Boredom Our Way.

Why? !
Why Is It Necessary To Keep Them Off?
Are They Still Required Down The Pits?
In The Fields? Harvest Crops To Plough And Trough?
What Benefit To Them At Home To Stay
Idly Making Half Attempts To Play

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Deep Inside Every Pore
Aching, Waiting, Needing More
Bubbling Under This Outward Tranquility
My Need Of Everything You Could Give To Me

Make The Breakfast, Washing Up
Dress Them, Sandwhiches, Wish Them Luck
Off They Toddle, , Down The Path
Must Peg The Washing, Clean The Bath

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She Ran. Like A Silver Bullet
Bolted Out Of The Front Door
Slammed It Shut Behind
Powered Up The Hill In Fury

She Unclipped The Emotional Coil And The Deluge Of Tears Flowed
And The Vulgar Screams
And The Gutteral Sobs
And She Was Done

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Funny Veg Jokes

Which Animal Has Good Manners?
Question: "Do You Know Which Animal Has Good Manners?" Answer: "Cat Because It Always Ask Permission Before Coming In

I Can See The Whole World In Your Eyes
A Boy Romantically Told His Girlfriend: "I Can See The Whole World In Your Eyes" A Mumbaikar Passing By Asks: "Arey C

Zindagi Ki Sabse Badi Jaroorat?
Class Mein Food Engineering Ka Practical Ho Raha Tha, Professor Ne 1 Chuhe Ke Liye Ek Taraf Cake Aur Dusre Taraf Chuh

Aaj To Bhagwan Ke Darshan Ho Hi Gaye
Ek Sharabi Bar Se Daaru Pee Kar Bahar Nikla To Use Ek Pandit Mila. Sharabi Ne Pandit Se Puchha: "Tum Kaun Ho?" Pan

Pappu Definitely Needs A Salary Increase
Pappu To Boss: "I Got To Definitely Have A Salary Increase, Three Other Companies Are After Me" Boss: "Really? Which

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