I Awakened This Morning…
Not With The War On Terriorism On My Mind,
But The War On My Quality Of Life.
The War On My Liberties
The War On The Economy
And The War On Consciousness!
And It Seems That Very Few Are In The Trenches,
Fighting These Battles.
As What’s Left To Democracy Is Being Hocked Away.
And The Hoax Of This Joke Is Played On The People!
Who Are Encouraged To Witness,
Their Quality Of Life Diminish
I See No One Dressed In Combat Gear,
Fighting Against Urban Ignorance.
I See No Defense Against Deceit And Corruption.
Or Legalized Government Theft.
Creatin Deeper Debt.
But I Am Told To Pray!
By Those Who ‘Prey’ Upon My Goodwill!
And Attempt To Steal My Comprehension…
By Pretending To Be Offended That I Speak Out,
Against Their Acceptance Of These Social Crimes!
I Am Given Looks As If I Have Lost My Mind!
And Today I Am Beginning To Wonder.
What Do I Cherish Most…
My Common Sense With Integrity?
Or My Privacy Protecting It?
Some Say Others Are Not Patriotic,
Because Hey Do Not Accept This Nonsense!
Have We Arrive At The Twilight Zone?
With No Welcome Committee To Greet?
Or Tour The Bizarre?
I Don’t Mean To Sound Sarcastic…
Too Many Have Been Slipped Some Tainted Crack…
Or This ‘Normalcy’ Believed To Be Justisfied,
Needs A Complete Overhaul Of ‘Reality’!
Since What Is Being Accepted,
Is Blistering Ignorance Inflicted!
And People Don’t Believe They Are The Cause.
Who Elected ‘Whom’ To Represent Them And Their ‘Interests’?
I Think That Was More Like Cynicism.
Don’t You?
It Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
The 32nd President Of These United States Who Did Say…
And I Quote, ‘…Those Cynical Men Who Say That Democracy
Cannot Be Honest And Efficient.’
F.D.R. Meant Well.
Let’s Face It…
At One Point In Our Lives We All Had Fantasies,
Of One Kind Or Another!
And He Was President For Twelve Years!
But Times Have Vastly Change Since The Corrupted ’30’s!
The Visuals Of Special Effects Have Greatly Improved.
And Deceit Now Has A Manicured Appearance.
And This Team ‘They’ Have In There Now…
To Represent Their Causes,
Couldn’t Wait To Destroy Everything Of ‘Myth’ That Is Valued!
They’ve Taken The Meaning Of Incompetence,
To A Whole Different Level.
‘Honesty And Efficiency’ Are Not Choice Words,
In Their Vocabulary.
Maybe ‘Shaft’ ‘Hoodwink’ ‘Bling’ And ‘Gangsta’…
Are Expressions Tossed About By These Morons!
No One Could Possibly Recreate This Kind Of Treason.
And Get People Addicted To Their Own Self Destruction?
As The People Who Put Them In These Positions…
Watch This?
You Can Call Me Anything You Want!
But They Can Keep ‘That’ To Themselves.
Whatever Drug Those Folks Are On,
Has Damaged Their Brain Cells.
And They Defend Its Application…
Like An Addict In Denial,
Of Obvious Symptoms Of Abuse Observed!

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Anyone Can See
They Need To Be Strung Up By Their Feet,
For Treason
An Economy Has Been Devastated,
By An Historic Greed.
Staged To Bleed A People For Their Oil.
But The Odds Have Not Been In Their Favor.
Those Suited In Demon Evils.
Not To Flavor Those Of Higher Consciousness…
With A Taste To Dismiss Such Wickedness Expressed.

Anyone Can See
They Need To Be Strung Up By Their Feet,
For Treason.

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I Want To Grey.
I Want It Known I Have Aged,
And Earned My Way.
I Want It Clear I Am No Child.
I Have Been Around For A While!
Learning And Hoping I Am Improved.
Those Who Wish To Sit And Revisit Their Youth…
Are Fine With Me.
I Do That All The Time Myself.
When I Am Out Walking And Hiking.
Exercising And Watching What I Eat.
And Not Being Conscious Of Aging At All.
I Did That In My Teens And Twenties!
Wanting To Be Grown And Doing It Quickly.
And When 59 Came?
Who Knew I Would Feel 39 At 61?
Passing For Someone Aged 55!
And Lieing That I Am Yet 50 Years Of Age.
But When One Keeps Fit…
That’s The Fun Of It All!
No One Has To Know I Look Like Godzilla,
In The Early Hours Of The Morning.
Just Before Dawn.
And That’s What I Recommend.
Getting Up Just Before Dawn.
Taking At Least Two Hours To Pull It Together…
Because That’s How Long It Is Going To Take.
Before Any Public Appearances.
There Is No Need To Scare Anyone,
Who Has Become Accustomed To Your ‘Youthful’ Glow!
They Do Not Have To Know,
How Much Effort It Actually Takes!
There’s A Routine I Do Everyday.
It Takes Hours Off Of One’s Physical Appearance.
Do Not!
I Repeat…
Do Not Get Caught In Rush Hour Traffic.
Someone Might Get A Glimpse…
And Off You Go.
Carted Away To Someone’s Zoo!
That Happened To One Of My Neighbor’s!
But I Think She Is Undergoing A Major Makeover.
I Haven’t Seen Her In Months!
Although Her Backyard Is Littered With Peanut Shells,
And Banana Skins!

I Told A Couple Of Friends Of Mine,
My Next Door Neighbor Reminded Me Of Bubbles!
You Remember?
Michael Jackson’s Pet Monkey?
She Did.
But Not All The Time!
I Did Call Her Halle A Couple Of Times.
But I Was Only Joking!
When You Get To Become A Certain Age?
Everything Is Hysterically Funny!
One Has To Get Up Before Dawn,
To Practice Working On The Routine To Be Exercised.

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Sliced Bread…
Whole Wheat And Toasted.
Buttered With Jam,
And Munched.
Either With Tea, Punch…
Or Just Plain Water For Lunch!

Sliced Bread…
With Cheddar Cheese And Tomato.
Add Romaine Lettuce,
Topped With Fried Strips Of Bacon.
This Too Will Certainly Do.

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It Would Be Wonderful To Recognize Our Failings,
And Immediately Correct Them.
Or Face The Truth And Deal With Our Insecurities.
But We Are Suspended Within Mentalities To React,
Too Quickly!
We Are Prepared To Defend Such Conditions…
We Find Ourselves In,
Much Too Fast!

Offended We Are And Preconditioned To Attack,
And Not Listen.
Becoming Less Respected Because We Disrespect.
For Purposes That Generate A Reflected Unhappiness.
Handed Down From One Generation To The Next.
To Annoint Our Fears To The Innocent.
Hardening Their Hearts Before They Are Ready To Speak.

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He Is Not Perceived To Be A Leader.
And Perhaps The Reason For That Is…
He Does Not Seek Red Meat To Eat.
Nor Is He Drooling And Leashed…
With A Six Foot Chain That’s Padlocked.
And He Does Not Bark Demands.

He Speaks Intelligently,
About The Concerns Of The People.
And They See Him As Weak…
Since The Others Rather Kill Themselves,
To Show Their Sacrifices On The Streets.
To Prove How They Handle Conflict.
And He Makes Attempts,
To Show Them How Sick This Is!

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If I Did Not Miss You
I Would Not Lay Awake,
Convincing Myself I Hate You.
And I Would ‘Never’

Give You That Satisfaction,
Of Knowing How Much I Am Concerned.
Because I Am Not!
I Could Care Less.

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I Am Not Suppose To Be The One Sentimental.
And I Hope It Doesn’t Show.
God Knows I Stay Rehearsed…
Not Being Too Emotionally Diverse.

And I Pray My Demeanor,
Does Not Leak Sentimentality.
Or Expresses A Weakness,
Desiring To Be Touched!
In Those Still Hot Places.

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Freed To Parade Ideals And Charade
As An Attack Is Made,
To Dismantle And Fade Its Greatness
They Babble On In Divisions

As Intentional Conflicts
Chip Away Common Sense
While An Intensified Diminishing
Orchestrates An Ending To Their Existence

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When Is A Bad Judgement…
Not A Bad Judgement Made?
When That Decision Affects,
Someone Of Another Color?
When That Person Becomes Justified…
To Do What Ones Wishes.
But Not What One Should Do,
As Correctly Applied.
So Much Of This Hypocrisy,
Is Blatant Nonsense That Exists.
And That Is The Reason,
There Are Expressions Of Dissatisfactions.
Disrespect Of Values.
And A Rise In Disturbing Conflicts.

And Those Who Inflict Their Self Righteousness…
Are Explicitly Guilty For Causing All Of This

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