They Look At My Caramel Complexiion And They Laugh, But
That Don’t Bother Me.
For Iim Beautiiful.
Ii Love My Loud Noiise And My Thiick Liips.
‘Iim Beautiiful Me’ Iis What Ii Always Say.
As Tiime Fliies By Now My Hiips Are Wiide, And Ii Alot Of Junk Iin My Truck.
But Iim Beautiiful.
My Haiir May Be Not A Miile Long,
But Iim Beautiiful
My Breast May Be Enhance
But Iim Stiill Beautiiful
So They May Poiint And Laugh Iif They Want To.
They May Even Call Me Names Because My Caramel
Skiin. Ii Wont Cry Because Beauty Iis Iin The Eyes Of The Be Holder.
And Iin My Eyes Iim Beautiiful.

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