Tearfulness, Petulance, Self-Pity,
Draw Undesirable Attention To Yourself,
You’ll End Up Like Your Poem On A Shameful Shelf
If You Show These Feelings In A Ditty

Hopefulness, Wrapped In A Sunny Smile,
Helps You To Blend With All The Madding Crowd,
Poetic Petulance Must Be Disallowed,
For, Like Self-Pity, It’s Gone Out Of Style

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Kierkegaard Declared That Everyone Must Make
A Leap Of Faith, But A. B. Heschel Said That Jews
Must Make A Leap Of Action. Faith Can Be Opaque
Compared With Action, Squared On Its Hypotenuse
When Jews Triangulate. Here Is The Theorem:
When Jewish Angles Joined By Action Are Acute,
The Jews Opposing Them Who Are Obtuse Condemn
The Angles That, Although They’re Right, They Can’t Refute

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If Equal Affection Cannot Be,
Let The More Loving One Be Me.
I’d Say That To That Stars, But Wishes
Like Spoons They Say Jump Over Dishes,
Must Be Contented, Just Like Cows,
And Earthbound Too, Till God Allows
All Leaps Of Our Imaginations
To Be As Real As Love Sensations.

Inspired By Lines By Wh Auden:

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Cutest Picture On Internet One Of The Best Top VIew Shot What A Lovely Kiss Happiness Is Not Money Indian Handsfree Jugaad Coffee Painting By Josephine Ryan Don’t Ask Stupid Questions To This Kid Wanna Kiss Me? Beautiful White Peacock. An Idea That Works

In Madagascar, Bad Boys Are Not Crocodiles
With Underwater Armor And Enormous Jaws
Which Cockroaches Avoid, Despite Their Cunning Wiles,
By Hiding In Decaying Baobabs, Indoors.
The Lemurs Do Not Seem To Mind The Fossas, And
The Spiny-Tailed Iguanas Do Not Bother Them,
And Radiated Tortoises All Understand
That All Must Share The Habitat. And Yet Mayhem
Is Threatened By A Predator. You Surely Can,
Without Me Telling, Guess Who This Must Be. In Case
You Cannot, I Will Spell It Out For You: It’s Man,
Destroying Habitat So He Can Pave The Place,
Transforming It Like Other Lands That He’s Subdued,
Fulfilling Genesis 1: 28, He Thinks,
Removing From The World Its Great Infinitude
Of Species With Which We’ll No More Have Interlinks.

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In The City Girls Are Having Sex
With Each Other. Have They Put A Hex
On The Men? If Not, Why Don’t They Pity
The Men With Whom They Won’t Sleep In The City?
They Say It Isn’t About Pity, It’s
About Wet Pussies And Their Gorgeous Tits.
Pity All The Men Who Have Been Bolluxed,
Confined In Shells As If They Had Been Mollusced.
Their Private Parts Don’t Even For One Second
Turn On The City Girls Who May Be Fecund.
What Should The Lonely Men Do With Their Boners?
Make Money In A Sperm Bank, Being Donors

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Because The Lady Is A Cult,
She Shot Me Like A Catapult
When I Explained I Could No Longer
Worship At Her Shrine. I Wrong Her
In A Way, Because She’s Modest
About The Fact That She’s Been Goddessed,
And Isn’t Proud, Though She’s Divine,
But I Can’t Worship At Her Shrine
Now I’m Her Persona Non Grata.
I’m Hoping, Madder Than A Hatter,
To Find Another Goddess Who
Will Let Me Worship Her. A Few
Have Told Me They’re Available,
And Readily E-Mailable,
And Once I’ve Chosen One, The Least
I Will Demand As Her High Priest
Of Entertainment That’s Adult
Is That She Lose Her Catapult.

Inspired By A Poem, “she Is A Cult, ” By Michael Mccall:

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Pulled Away From Bleakness, Blake
Saw Tygers Burning In The Night
So Brightly That A Firebreak
Prevented Him From Losing Sight
Of Symmetry Between The Beast
Of Prey And Lambs The Beast Pursues,
Dissymmetry Between The East
And More Enlightened Western Views.
Inspired By An Article On Joseph O’neill, Author Of “netherland, ”
By Maria Russo In The La Times,
‘I’m Half Turkish. My Mother’s Family Is Christian. I’m Very Familiar With
The Muslim World In Turkey. I Find That The Conflict With Islam Is Grossly
Overstated And Obviously Manipulated By Westerners, Who Are Essentially
Victims Of Terror. They Are Terrorized By The Terrorism. The Whole Point Of Terrorism
– And I Know This Because I Have Ira In My Family – Is To Scare People Into
A False View Of Reality And To Disorient Them. ‘And A Lot Of People In The
West And, In Particular, In Washington, Our Leaders, Are Either Very Scared
Or, If They’re Not, They’re Using The Terror To Promote A Kind Of Private
Agenda, In This Case, As Everybody Knows Now, The Idea That You Can Democratize
The Middle East By Conquest. Which Is A Crazy Idea And Self-Contradictory.
‘One Of The Gratifying Things About The Critical Reaction To This Book Is
That They’ve All Talked About A Different Aspect Of It. That Tells Me The Book
Avoids Being Reductive. Without In Any Way Wishing To Celebrate Obscureness,
I Think A Novel Has To Retain A Certain Mystery, A Certain Elusiveness.
If You Feel You’ve Gotten To The Bottom Of A Novel, Then Perhaps The Novel
Is Not That Deep. So When You’re Trying To Be A Conscientious Writer,
You Almost Can’t Be Too Precise…. One Of The Great Challenges Of Writing A Novel,
For Me, Is To Not Have It Tip Over Into Doom And Gloom, Which Can Happen If You
Think Everything Through Too Much. ‘There’s Almost A Newtonian Pull Toward Bleakness
And I Don’t Think Bleakness Alone Is An Entirely Accurate View Of The World.’

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Inhaling Fumes Of Ambergris,
A Woman In White Robes Appears
Upon The Bridge Of Sighs To See
Young Girls Accosting Gondoliers.
She Wishes She Could Also Talk
To Them, And Demonstrate That She
Is Lovely Too, But Has To Walk
Away, Because She Is Not Free
To Follow Such An Impulse, Since
She Knows Her Virtue Has To Be
Preserved Until She Meets A Prince.

Inspired By Ken Johnson’s Description Of Two Small Views Of Venice By Whistler In An Exhibition Of Art At The Sterling And Francine Clark Institute In Williamstown (“like Breath On Glass: Whistler, Inness, And The Art Of Painting Softly, ” Nyt, June 21,2008) :
Sargent’s Two Small Views Of Venice — Indoors And Outdoors — And His Exotic, Orientalist Painting Of A Woman In White Robes In A White Temple Inhaling Fumes Of Burning Ambergris Exhibit A Painterly Virtuosity That The Soft Painters Avoided. Homer’s Late Paintings Of Roiling Ocean Waters Have A Churning, Erotic Energy That Would Have Given Those Prim Masters Of Self-Effacing Hypersensitivity Nightmares.

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Rabbi Eliezer Listened To A Voice
From Heaven, Which Had Little Merit.
He Said That If He Had No Choice
He’d Also Listen To A Parrot.
In Yiddish Parrot’s Papagei,
Which Makes It Like A Voice From Heaven
That’s Spoken By The Papa Guy
Deciding Akhinai’s Pure Oven.

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