Show Me The Way
The Way To Your Heart
Show Me The Way
Through Your Soul
Show Me The Way
To Fill You Life
To Fill Your Happiness
To Make Our Love Soar
High Up Into The Stars
And Heaven Above

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A Vous Ces Vers, De Par La Grâce Consolante
De Vos Grands Yeux Où Rit Et Pleure Un Rêve Doux,
De Par Votre Âme, Pure Et Toute Bonne, À Vous
Ces Vers Du Fond De Ma Détresse Violente.

C’est Qu’hélas! Le Hideux Cauchemar Qui Me Hante
N’a Pas De Trêve Et Va Furieux, Fou, Jaloux,
Se Multipliant Comme Un Cortège De Loups
Et Se Pendant Après Mon Sort Qu’il Ensanglante.

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Ome With Me And Take My Hand
I Will Take You To A Mystical Land
Upon My Bed Of A Thousand Roses
Into Which Our Love Willingly Imposes

The Smell Of Our Rose Permeates The Air
Passionate Touches With Tender Care
One Hundred Candles Luminous Glow
Replicating The Moon From Below

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Don’t Worry I Won’t Let U Fall Creative Thai Anti-Sleepy Driving Ad A Unique Bride Dave No!, It’s Still Frozen Unusual Sofa In A Park In Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany Man With A Freaking Hole In His Head Female Hulk In India Save Tree – Million Dollar Pic Parenting Fail – Baby Vs Photography These Sleeves Are Too Loose For Me

Word To Say How We Feel.
From The Very Silly, To The Very Real.

Controlling Our Thoughts, But Keeping Quiet.
Allowing Our Hearts To Try And Fight It.

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My Lady’s Presence Makes The Roses Red,
Because To See Her Lips They Blush For Shame.
The Lily’s Leaves, For Envy, Pale Became,
And Her White Hands In Them This Envy Bred.
The Marigold The Leaves Abroad Doth Spread,
Because The Sun’s And Her Power Is The Same.
The Violet Of Purple Colour Came.
Dyed In The Blood She Made My Heart To Shed.
In Brief: All Flowers From Her Their Virtue Take;
From Her Sweet Breath Their Sweet Smells Do Proceed;
The Living Heat Which Her Eyebeams Doth Make
Warmeth The Ground And Quickeneth The Seed.
The Rain, Wherewith She Watereth The Flowers,
Falls From Mine Eyes, Which She Dissolves In Showers.

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The Wondrous Moment Of Our Meeting . . .
I Well Remember You Appear
Before Me Like A Vision Fleeting,
A Beauty’s Angel Pure And Clear.

In Hopeless Ennui Surrounding
The Worldly Bustle, To My Ear
For Long Your Tender Voice Kept Sounding,
For Long In Dreams Came Features Dear.

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Skating Is The Lost Dream
That I Once Had
The One That Was Never With You
But Always In My Mind.
Swimming Is To Come Back To The Past
The Moment Where I First Met You
That’s Why To Be In Water
Means To See You By My Side.

So I Remember The Water
With Fresh Splashes
And The Wonderful Sight Of You
Swimming Along The Pool.

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There Was A Time When We Were Young,
You Had Mysterious Eyes And Your Body Went Unsung,
There Was A Time When We Were Free,
Yours Was The Only Smile I Wanted To See.

There Was The Night We Were Together,
Our Bodies Pressed Tightly As If Bound By Leather,
Was That First Kiss The Beginning Of Something Great,
Or Merely A Smack In The Face Of The World We Hate?

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She Whispers :please Raise Me Up In Your Love
My Body, Bare, Your Lips
Consume Me
I Live Now In Your Soul
In Your Naked Belly, Full
My Resting Place, You Need Me
I Nourish You
My Flesh In Yours
My Taste On Your Tongue
I Live In You
My Love
Be My Beast, My Carnivore, My Delicious
Starving Child
I Am Your Womb, Your Food, Your Mother
Feed On Me Always, Always
I Need To Sleep In You
Feel Your Lips, Your Tongue, Your Razor
Sharp Teeth
In My Flesh
I Need To Be Your Food, This Hunger I Have
Roils Within Me, To Be Your Need, Your Lust,
Your Conquering Fire…
Consume Me, Please
I Beseech You Now
I Will Flow Past Your Lips, Caress Your Tongue
Bathe In Your Throat, Bask In Your Belly
I Need You, Your Lips, Your Teeth
I Want To Feed You, Your Hunger For Me Paints My Thighs
My Breasts, My Sex
I Hunger For You
Need Me,
As I Need You
Your Love Feeds Me And Keeps Me
I Die In Your Belly, I Live In Your Soul
My Resting Place, Dear
There Is No Place Which Comforts Me
I Need To Be Inside You Now
Feed On Me, Devour My Flesh, Take Me
Within, And Never
Let Me Go
Consume Me
Consume Me
Consume Me

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Blissful Paradise Divinity With Sexual Affinity Eyes
Brilliancy Deepness Shallowness Slow And Smooth
Forever We Are Eternal Wholeness Only Intimacy
Between Me And You

Essences Of Love Eruptions Endless Multiplied
Forever Heaven And Joyousness Sexual Positions
Love Infinite Touch And Gaze
Still One Forever Now And Always

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Funny Veg Jokes

Two Rules Of A Man And Women Life
Two Rules Of A Man’s Life: 1. They Never Flirt With Any Unknown Lady. 2. They Never Consider Any Lady Unknown.

In The Exam Hall
Four Things Boys Do In The Exam Hall. 1. Counting The Teachers In Their Row. 2. Counting The Fans & Tubelights

Haye Re Ye Bache?
Ek Aadmi Ek Aisi Robot Car Banat Hai Jo Bina Driver Ke Sab Kaam Karti Hai. Ek Din Us Aadmi Ki Wife Usse Kehti Hai: "B

Ham Kya Mar Gaye The?
Ek Murgi Ne Baaj Se Shadi Kar Li, Shadi Ke Baad Ek Murge Ne Murgi Se Kaha, Murga: "Ham Kya Mar Gaye The Jo Tune Ek Ba

Ladkiyo Rat Ko Sunsan Galiyo Mein Na Jaya Karo
Ek Baar Ek Ladki Raat Ko Sunsaan Gali Mein Akeli Ja Rahi Thi, Ek Ladka Samne Se Aaya, Dono Bilkul Pass Aa Gaye,

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