For The Past Few Days It Has Been Raining Yet We Need Far More Rain
And The Creeks They Are Not Flowing And Little Water In Any Drain
It Has Been Said That For The Present El Nino Is Back At Sea
But Two Days Of Rain Is Scarce Sufficent To Heal The Affects Of The Longest Drought In History,
We Need More Rain To Start The Creeks And The Drains Flowing And Fill Each Dam And Lake
A Month Or More Of Heavy Rainfall Quite A Difference Would Make
To The Farmers And Town Reservoirs That Are At An All Time Low
And To The Rivers And The Parched Paddocks Where The Grass Again Will Grow
Climate Change Is All Around Us And It Seems To Be Worldwide
But That We Have Helped It In No Small Way By Us Can Hardly Be Denied
We Pollute The Lands And Oceans, The Waterways And The Air
And For Our Earth Mother Who Feeds Us We Do Not Seem To Care
But What We Do To Our Earth Mother To Our Own Selves We Do
And Every Dropp Of Rain Is Welcome Though Of It We Need A Month Or Two.

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A War Fought More Than Three Hundred Years Ago They See Fit To Celebrate
One Might Say They Are Not Up With The Times A Long Way Out Of Date
What Happened Three Hundred Years Ago Can Hardly Be Of Relevance To Today
That Seems More Than Living In The Past That Does Seem Fair To Say
Old War Memories And Old Grudges Passed Down From People For Centuries In The Grave
The Pathway To Enlightenment They Hardly Helped To Pave
They Live With A Bitter Legacy With Them Bygones Not Gone
A Battle Fought And Won Three Centuries Ago In Their Thoughts Living On,
On The Pathway That Leads To Peace And Reconcilation One Step They Have Not Trod
They Believe That Those Who Are Different To Them Are The Children Of A Lesser God
Celebrating A Battle Won Three Centuries Ago Seems Ludicrous To Me
These People Do Seem Out Of Date In The Twenty First Century
They Celebrate Their Warring Ancestors In Parades And In Song
And On Believing That This Is Relevant To Today They Sure Have Got It Wrong.

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It Has Been More Than Twenty Years And In That There’s Many A Dawn
Since I Have Seen The High Fields Of Green Old Tooreenbawn
My Sister Margaret And Her Husband Michael Casey Lives There And There They Raised Their Family
And It Has Been Two Decades Since Any Of Them I See.

Of Late I Contacted The Caseys Through The Medium Of Skype
But I Do Not Have The Broadband And My Equipment Not Up To Type
It Seems That They Could Not Hear Me Tomorrow I Will Give Them Another Ring
When The Airwaves May Be Clearer Technology Can Be A Strange Thing.

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OMG, Hands Painted To Look Like Real Animals Oh My God, Next Is Me Be Kind Whenever Possible Take My Heart – One Of The Best Proposal By A Girl Hurray! I Got 12 Notification Lootna To Koi Inse Sikhe Bahut Garmi Padd Rahi Hai Aajkal Perfect Click Eating The Corn A Bulb Required No Electricity Hands Up Kid

He Was The Son Of God ‘Tis Said Yet Him They Crucified
And Nailed To A Timber Cross On Calvary Wearing A Crown Of Thorns He Died
And A Similar Fate Him Would Befall Were He Around Today
The Good Condemned To Suffer As Some Are Known To Say.

Good People Suffering And Dying In War Zones In Cities Far Away
How Come For The Crimes Of Others The Good Are Made To Pay?
For To Be In The Wrong Place And There At The Wrong Time
Can For Them Result In Death Or Serious Injury The Victims Of Heinous Crime.

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White Butterflies Are Dancing In The Warm Evening Breeze
And The House Sparrows Are Chirping On The Sunlit Garden Trees
On A Warm Day In April In The Far Southern Fall
Of The Southern Land’s Four Seasons The Most Pleasant One Of All,
I Love This Autumn Weather And Though Winter Days Are Near
One Has To Say Of April ‘Tis A Pleasant Time Of Year
Above The Sunlit Paddock To And Fro Across The Sunlit Sky
The Dark Winged Welcome Swallows Chasing Flying Insects Fly,
With His Tail Ever Wagging Perched On A Garden Wall
The Black And White Fantail Or Willy Wagtail A Bird That’s Known To All
Always On The Look Out For Insects Airborne Or On The Ground
Where Willy Wagtails Are Present Insects Sure To Abound,
Of This Sunny Late April Evening In The Far Southern Fall
A Memory For To Cherish And A Memory To Recall.

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John Twomey Was A Legend When I Was A Young Boy
And To Many In Duhallow His Verses Brought Great Joy
Back In The Fifties To The Sixties Some Forty Years Ago
I Knew Him Through His Poetry Though Him I Did Not Know.

He Glorified In Writing Many The Sporting Victory
And Back Then In Old Duhallow There Was None As Great As He
At Writing Songs And Poetry Duhallow’s Laureate Of Rhyme
And Still His Songs And Verses Have Withstood The Test Of Time.

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I Live Far South Of Clara And Claraghatlea Near Millstreet Town
Where The Finnow From High Gneeves Through The Old Fields Journey Down
On It’s Way To The Blackwater Through The Green Old Countryside
And Though The Clock On My Life Keeps Ticking The Memories Have Not Died

Of The Old Fields By The Old Hill That Are Lush And Green In Spring
In This The Pleasant Month Of April When The Nesting Birds Chirp And Sing
In The Leafy Groves And Hedgerows In My Flights Of Fancy I Do Hear
The Pleasant Sounds Of Nature In This Lovely Time Of Year

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Visiting Their Son John And Daughter Gillian In Sydney John Joe Daly And Helen His Wife
I Spoke To Them By Telephone I’ve Known Him Most Of My Life
All Of The Way From Millstreet In Duhallow Ten Thousand Miles Or More
They Have Made The Long And Tiring Journey To Australia’s Sunny Shore.

He Seems The Same John Joe Daly He Has Hardly Changed At All
As The John Joe I Went To School With Old Memories We Did Recall
As He Spoke To Me From Sydney The Rain Was Bucketing It Down
He Said It Reminded Him Of Wet Nights Back In Millstreet Our Hometown.

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Our Lives Are Like Our Gardens We Must Reap The Seeds We Sow
And Our Past It Seems To Follow Us To Everywhere We Go
For The Wrongs I’ve Done To Others To Karma I Must Pay
The Universal Consciousness Catches Up With Us One Day
Perhaps I Have A Problem To None I Tip My Hat
And I’ve Been Called A Godless Person And Even Worse Than That
But In The Akhasic Records The Karma I Accumulate
Is The Karma That Awaits Me On A Not Too Distant Date,
My Only God Is A Goddess I See Her Every Day
And I Hear Her Music In The Bird Song In The Wood Across The Way
She Has Been Around Forever And My Wonder Of Her Grow
And We Are Like Her Seasons To And From Life We Come And Go
And The Karma That Awaits Me I Will Deserve That’s For Sure
For I’m Far Removed From Perfect And My Thoughts Are Far From Pure.

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In Cafe Saltwater Overlooking The Sea
You Will See Her There Every Day Around Three
Enjoying Her Cappucino She Sits On Her Own
As One Of Great Beauty She Used To Be Known.

One In Her Late Fifties Her Hair Is Dyed Brown
In The Early Seventies She Was Rose Of The Town
But From Her Time Has Taken Some Of Her Beauty Away
And Time Does Not Wait It Ticks On As They Say.

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