Mera Dost Jo Mujh Se Hua Tha Khafa
Mudattoon Baad Woh Mujh Se Khud Aaker Mila

Jhoti Nafrat Ke Patharoon Se Jo Bana Tha Qila
Muhabbat Ke Kankaroon Ne Kia Aaj Is Ko Fana

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My Love Is Like An Ocean
It Goes Down So Deep

My Love Is Like A Rose
Whose Beauty You Want To Keep.

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A Mother’s Love Is Something
That No On Can Explain,
It Is Made Of Deep Devotion
And Of Sacrifice And Pain,

It Is Endless And Unselfish
And Enduring Come What May
For Nothing Can Destroy It
Or Take That Love Away

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No One Really Knows
What Kind Of Bond We Share
And Even If I Told Them
They Probably Wouldn’t Care

You Are Very Dear To Me
I Hope You Know It’s True
And Now That You Are Sick
Tell Me What That I Should Do?

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To Love Is To Share Life Together
To Build Special Plans Just For Two
To Work Side By Side
And Then Smile With Pride
As One By One, Dreams All Come True.

To Love Is To Help And Encourage
With Smiles And Sincere Words Of Praise
To Take Time To Share
To Listen And Care
In Tender, Affectionate Ways.

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Kaise Chahte Hai Toot Ke Kisi Ko
Aur Ye Intezaar Kya Hota Hai

Tum Aaye Zindagi Me Toh Malum Hua Hume
Chahat Kya Hoti Hai, Pyaar Kya Hota Hai

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Rothne Ki Ada Hum Ko Bhi Aati Hai Magar
Kash Koi Hota Humein Bhi Manane Wala

Kisi Ke Pyar Me Gehri Chot Khai Hai
Wafa Se Pehlay Hi Be-Wafai Pai Hai

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Dil Lelo Humein Dhadkan Ki Fikar Nahi,
Chain Lelo Humein Tadpan Ki Fikar Nahi,
Aap Ki Nashili Aankhon Ne Yun Paagal Kiya
Rooh Lelo Humein Tan Ki Fikar Nahi,

Roop Lelo Humein Husn Ki Fikar Nahi,
Zindagi Lelo Humein Jatan Ki Fikar Nahi,
Aap Ki Kaheen Baaton Ne Deewana Banaa Diya
Beshumaar Pyaar Lelo Humein Paagalpan Ki Fikar Nahi,

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Kaash Mein Pani Hota
Dard Bahri Kahani Hota
Ansoon Ki Rawani Hota
Thandak Ki Frawani Hota

Kash Mein Pani Hota
Fasloon Ki Zindagani Hota
Kisan Ki Aasani Hota
Gar Mera Koi Qadardani Hota

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Kachi Deewar Hoon Thokar Na Lagana Mujko,
Apni Nazron Mein Basa Kar Na Giraana Mujko

Tumko Aankho Mein TasavIr Ki Tarah Rakhta Hoon,
Dil Mein Dadkan Ki Tarah Tum Bhi Basana Mujko

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