Do You Like A Cup Of Tea?
A Nice Refreshing Brew
I Find That One Is Not Enough
And Often I Need Two

When I Hear The Kettle Call
One Click The Waters Boiling
At Once I Pour It On The Leaves
Before The Brew Be Spoiling

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Let Nothing Ever Bother You
Don’t Ever Be Afraid
For Everything You See Each Day
Is Only What Man Made

Don’t Listen To The Stories
From People Who Would Scare
And Anything That Worries You
With Friends Be Sure To Share

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Could I Have Been A Legal Sort?
A Solicitor With Briefs
Charging For My Sound Advice
While I Listen To Their Grief’s

I’d Help Them Buy A Property
Get Through A Tough Divorce
Do All Those Extra Bits They Want
With An Extra Charge Of Course

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 Amazing & Funny Photos

Chile Volcano Plume Explodes With Lightning Beautiful Corchet Boots For Babies Selfshot With Cat – Hey Hands Off Banana Phone Faith In Humanity Restored Mil Bant Ke Khana To Koi Inse Sikhe She Hurts And She Cries Innocent Child, Sleep Painting Of Himself Painting Himself One Of The Best View In The World

Could I Have Been Upon The Bench?
To Judge The Right From Wrong
Sending Down The Guilty
And Deciding For How Long

I’d Use My Powers Wisely
All Laws I Would Enforce
Plus All My Parking Tickets
Would Get Ripped Up Of Course

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I’ve Misplaced My Little Brother
We Were Playing In The Sand
He Said That I Should Cover Him
A Game He’d Clearly Planned

Until I Went For Ice Creams
I Left My Brother To It
On My Return There Was No Sign
Why Ever Did I Do It?

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Ask Any Other Question
And I’ll Not Ask You Why
But Think As Hard As I Can Think
This Answer I Can’t Try

Give Any Other Puzzle
Don’t Even Give Me Clues
But Please Don’t Ask Any More
Or Let Me Try To Choose

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Could I Have Been A Barrister?
Black Cloak And Curly Wig
With Many Piles Of Paperwork
Defending Mr. Big

I’d Call Up Any Witness
For Evidence They’re Liable
Before They Speak A Single Word
All Swear Upon The Bible

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A Carpet Full Of Clover
Adorns The Meadow Grass
A Pond Without A Ripple
Looks Like A Sheet Of Glass

Where Buttercups And Daisies Grow
Like Jewels Among The Green
Many Three Leafed Clovers Found
Few Four Leafed Clovers Seen

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David Threadgold Where Will I See Your Love Today?
Through Eyes That Once Were Blind
I Never Knew You Thought Of Me
Until A Bright Light Shined

True Love Last’s A Lifetime
They Say It’s Ending Never
My Love For You Will Never Wane
Our Lights Will Shine Forever

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Say Sorry When You Know You’re Wrong
But Not If You Are Right
Stand Firm When Others Threaten You
Be Well Prepared To Fight

Speak True About The Things You See
Say Nought If It’s A Lie
Think Through The Words You’ve Chosen
Use Lots And Don’t Be Shy

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Funny Veg Jokes

Why Did You Ask If I Am A Santa?
In London, A Customer Asked: "Do You Have Mustard Oil?" The Shopkeeper Says: "Are You Santa Singh?" The Guy, Clear

Perfect Way To Prove A Person Is A Mental Or Not
A Journalist Went To A Mental Hospital And Asked A Doctor, Journalist: "How Do You Determine Whether To Admit A Patie

Vakeel To Ye Kamaal Ka Tha
Mujrim Ne Apne Pathan Vakeel Ko Kaha: "Koshish Karna Umar Qaid Ho Phansi Na Ho" Vakeel: "Tum Chinta Mat Karo" Court Ke

Aajkal Ke Smart Bikhari
Ek Faqeer Bus Stand Per Khada Bheekh Maang Raha Hota Hai, Ek Lady Ko Dekh Woh Usse Bolta Hai. Faqeer: "Aye Maayi Alla

Which Animal Has Good Manners?
Question: "Do You Know Which Animal Has Good Manners?" Answer: "Cat Because It Always Ask Permission Before Coming In

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