My Heart Is So Heavy
And Tattered And Torn
Within My Soul There Is..
Many A Thorn

Doing My Best You See
Will Never Be Good Enough For Thee
Maybe I Should Go To Rest
This I Think Will Be The Very Best

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Looking Back On The Memories Of What We Once Shared
Beneath A Starry Sky By Night,
Underneath A Rainbow Of Colours Of Yellow, Pink And Blue By Day
Writing 831 On A Wet And Sandy Shore
Only To Watch It Being Washed Away
As A Wave Rushes To The Shore And Back Again
Then To Find … It Is Gone Forever!
Picking Up Pebbles And Throwing Them Into The Sea
With The Hope They Will Rush Back To Shore Once Again.
Had Only We Knew It Would End This Way,
Would That Have Stopped Us?
The World Seemed So Right For Us In Every Way
Having You I Had Everything
I Was Your Queen
As You Allowed And Let Me Believe And Feel.
A Fairytale That Was Not Meant To End With A….
Happily Ever After!
A Dance Never To Be Learned By You,
My Dance Never To Be Danced For You.
All Them Special Songs We Had Accumulated Together
One Song So Special Is….
The Song I Bare Within My Heart Of You!
Fantasies Hidden Forever
And Shared Never!
The Beautiful Dreams Of Two Persons
Only To Become A Silhouette Upon Our Wall.
Passion So Deep, Deeper Than Any Ocean Can Ever Be.
Explosions Into Galaxies Far Beyond Here And Heaven Above,
With No Return Just A Memory Now.
E-Mails, Sms’s Shared And Saved In A Very Special File
A Treasure For A Lifetime!
Not Forgetting Little Notes And Those Special Day Cards
Now Stored In Box Called The ‘collage Of My Life!’
A Lonely Photograph On My Beside Table
To Remind Me Daily Of The Baby Girl That Once…
Shared My Life So Tenderly.
And Reminding Me Of How Beautiful You Were To Me!
Always And Forever My Fairytale Princess.
Yet When I Close My Eyes I Will Always Journey
On The Back Of A White Swan,
With You Right There In My Heart
To A Place Called ‘nevaland!’
A Place Where Angels Do Fear To Tread
And Where Only The Eagle Can Fly!
I Will Always Be The Wind Beneath Your Wings
So Fly For Me, Fly High In The Blue Sky.
You Will Always Be The Call Of My Ocean
The Crest Of My Every Wave
No Matter Where You Are Or May Be!
Closer To Me You Can Never Be Than…
Right Here In My Heart Forever And A Day!
Although I Am Running, Running To I Do Not Know Where?
As There Just Empty Spaces In Each Corner I Reach.
Therefore I’ll Put My Thoughts Back Into The Window
I Know So Well……
Made Up Of Gigs, Bytes And Ram,
Supported By Feeling Of Comfort, A Keyboard
Under My Fingertips As I Put My Thoughts To Paper,
Typing A Fairytale Love Story,
‘cause It Will Always Be A Never Ending Verse
From Within My Heart!
Seek And You Will Find The Words That……
I Would Rather Have Whispered Softly In Your Ear.
There In Amongst The World Of Heartbroken Verse,
It Will Be Found Written Just For You!
For I Will Always Love You
Until The Day After Forever!
Your Place By My Side Will Always Have
Reserved, Taken, Not Available Written On It.
No One Can Ever Love You Like I Do
Or Know You The Way I Knew You!
You Are The Collage Within…..
This Broken Heart

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Our Love Has Exploded Into An Atmosphere Of Orbit Romance,
Far Beyond In Another Galaxy Of Stars And Moons
Our Hearts Became One In The Autumn Of A Game
Room When You Asked Me To Be Your Friend,
There After My Heart Skipped A Beat Every Time
“You Walked In The Room,” Sending Impulses
Through My Physic Like A Bundle Of Shooting Stars In Space.
Soon We Found What You Were Seeking The Same As I.
Together We Have Explored The Milky Way,
Been There And Back Again,
Grown As One In Everything We Do And Say.
Lips Meeting, Tongues Dancing, Kisses So Sweet Like The Bee That Makes Honey.
Phenomenal Explosions Reaching Heights Of Passion
Beyond Our Reach And Totally Out Of Control.
Taking Our Love To Rainbows Of Unbridled Passion.

They Say That “Love Songs Last Longer Than Lovers Ever Do,”
‘That Love Is Merely An Illusion,’ Well That Left To Be Seen,
‘Our Love’ Like A Towering Inferno,
A Sprinkle Or Stars,
Miracles Of Lost And Now Found For Eternity Painted In
The Heavens You Can See The Love That Flows Between You And Me.

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Dear Eye Why You No Handle These Simple Illusions Engineer Of The Year Award Goes To.. Looks Like An Engineer’s Heart Oye Meri Photo Mat Kheench Ursussss Bear Ads A Mother’s Love Is Always Amazing Tharkipan Ki Hadd While Sailing Through – 3D Imagination By JJK Airbrush A Creative Pendant – Steampunk Heart Shaped Flash Drive This Is Called Bravery

If Love Were Water I Would Never Stop Swimming In Your
If Love Were Roses I Would Never Stop Picking Them For
If Love Were Stars We Would Live In The Sky…
If Love Were A Pot Of Gold I Would Let You Have A Rainbow
In Your Everyday…
If Love Were Were A Sea Shore We Would Walk On The Beach

But Seeing That Love Is “You!” My Alpha & Omega We Will
Create All The Above In Our Dreams & Hold Onto The
Beautiful Memories We Make & Have Each Passing Day!

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I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Stars Shine No More
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Sun Forgets To Shine
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Moon Has Lost Its’ Face
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Birds Forget To Sing
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
There Are No More Seasons
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
All Rivers Run Dry
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Sea No Longer Rushes To Shore
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Roses Forget To Bloom
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
You Have Found The End Of Your Rainbow
I Will Wait For ‘You’ Until …..
The Twelvth Of Never!
No Matter What I Will Always Wait For ‘You!’

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Forever And A Day Girl!
Dedicated To: My Charen
It Was In Your Arms Where I Found
Forever And A Day!
Now I Can Close My Eyes And Dream For A Lifetime
I Know Our Love Is Eternal.
Not Just Whispers In The 4 Strong Winds That Blow Lonely,
All I Have Is All I Need The Day I Found You!
A Wish I May, A Wish I Might, A Wish So Right
The Day I Found You!
Now We Are..
Chasing Butterflies Together
Gathering Cosmos In The Green Valley,
A Picnic On The Banks Of A River
Eating Ice Cream While Watching The Boats Come In.
Sitting On A Rock At The Beach Sharing Our Thoughts
Picking Up Pebbles And Throwing Them Back Into The Sea.
Watching Sunsets And Sunrises
Seeing The Tide Come In And Go Back Again,
While The Sun Makes Love To The Sea.
A Romantic Candle Lit Dinner
Soaking In A Bath Full Of Bubbles,
Watching A Movie Or A Favourite Tv Programs
Passionate Kisses, Hugs & Tender Cuddles
Just Before We Say Goodnight!
We Will Dance With Angels In The Sky
Kiss The Moon A Million Times.
Wipe Away Each Other’s Tears
Comfort All, And Any Of Our Fears.
Experiencing Volcanic Explosions Of Love
Where Heaven Meets Earth!
Taking Journeys To Nevaland Where Only Swans Can Fly,
Making Wild And Wicked Love Until We Cant No More,
Just Laying In The Harbour Of Each Others Arms
Our Love Is More Than Enough To Last A Life Time!
Did I Ever Tell You How You Live In Me?
There Is No Beginning; There Can Be No End,
Only Colours As We Paint Our Love On The Clouds,
A Rollercoaster Ride On The Rainbow After A Storm.
There Is Not A Night To Long That Can’t Find The Day!
Or A Storm Without A Rainbow
Because That Rainbow Is In You!
And It All Comes Down To You And Me
No Matter How Far Away This World Becomes.
Through The Storm, Or The Darkest Night
I Had Found My Brightest Star
The Warmest Sun, Softest Snowflake,
Moon Lit Nights Enough To Last Forever.
Now For You And Me
Roses Will Always Be Red And Violets Blue.
And For You I Give You A Love So True
A Love That Cannot Be Bought Or Sold
A Love That Will Last A Lifetime
It Was In Your Arms Where I Found…
Forever And A Day Girl!

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Deeper Than The Deepest Sea,
Bluer Than The Bluest Sky.
Brighter Than The Brightest Star,
Redder Than The Reddest Rose.
Softer Than The Softest Whisper,
Greater Than Greatest Love.
Because There Will Always Be “Us!”…
As One

Longer Than The Longest Mile,
Higher Than The Highest Mountain.
Sweeter Than The Sweetest Honey,
Taller Than The Tallest Tree.
Wilder That The Wildest Wild,
Whiter Than The Whitest Pearl.
Because There Will Always Be “Us!”
As One.

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