A Game Player My Foot, He Didn’t Bite On That Hook.
So Now, How Are You Going To Play?
Did He See Through Your Plan?
Was The Game Not So Grand?
How Did He Get Away?
Come On Now Please,
Quit Being A Tease.
I Think You Just Scared That One Away.
I Think You’re The Bait So Take A Minute And Think
What Will Be Your New Strategy?
How Do You Solve The Problem?
At Last One Got Away

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I Am Hurting Today In A Really Big Way.
I Just Want To Be Left Alone.
I Want To Do My Thing,
But You Think This Ring On My Hand
Puts You In Total Control.
You Play It Your Way,
Then You Make Me Pay,
Because You Don’t Love Me At All

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A Parents Heart
Where Do I Start?
It Is So Easily Torn In Too
Something I Know, Is That This Is True
The Time Will Come When Your Over Run

Nothing Can Compare To A Parents Care
It Is The Foot Hold And Backbone
For When You Child Is Grown
Everything We Say Will Have Effect In Some Way
The Things You Do Will Last Their Whole Life Through

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Closeup Of A Puffin With A Mouthful Of Sand Eels Peanut Zombies GoPlate Concept – Eating While Standing Business Card for Cosmetic Surgeon Mom I am So Happy Today A Little Help Bcoz I Am Free Today This Is What We Are Doing With The Nature Drift Wood Art – A Horse Made From Driftwood Spider Man After Retirement Creative Lamp Of An Engineer

Please Don’t Rain On Me
I Have Enough Misery
Perhaps My Debt Is Not Paid
But I Will Never Give That Away

It’s Torture Can’t You See
That Whole Other Side To Me
I Want To Be A Water Spout
Freely Letting It All Flow Out

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Does Love Exist So Deeply
That Loss Could Kill Completely
A Life Of Death And Torment
Grieving Over Loves Sacrafice

Blissfull Death Was Life Well Spent
To Love So Completely
Never To Be Greedy
To Cherish Moments That Were Gained

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You Say Money Makes You Popular
But I Know Who My Friends Are. Do You?
I Am Richer For The Knowledge Let Me Tell You
You Say Money Makes You Rich
I Am Rich Beyond Measure
Money Can’t Buy That Treasure
You Say Money Gives You Pleasure
Pleasure That Are True And Real Can’t Be Bought
Like Friends Who Help You Through All Pain
Simple Pleasures Like An Embrace
How Can Money Replace It?
You Say Money Gets The Guys
Does It Buy Their Faithful Devotion, Or Is It Simply A Fancy Notion?
You Say Money Makes You Important
The Reality Is You Never Were.
You Just Want To Think That You Are Heard.
Money Doesn’t Make You Special
It Is Just A Delusional Illusion, Meant To Make You Feel Unique
In The End You Will See That You Will Be Judged With All Of Us
Your Peers You See, We Are All The Same To Me

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Growing Ever Restless
Wanting To Be Free
Chained To The Wall
Wanting Expectantly
No One Crossed Her Path
No One Would Unbined Her Shackles And Chains
Hanging Her Head Was All She Could Do To Hide Her Misery And Shame
She Watched The Stars That Shined So Bright
She Watched Them Almost Every Night
Sometimes Forgetting Who She Was
She Would Sway Against Her Chains
But Then There Would Come An Outragouse Uproar
It Shrank Her Back To Her Corner
Don’t Cause A Riff, Don’t Speak A Word
Occasionally She Peeked Out From Her Doubt
To Watch People Live Their Lives
No One Noticed Her Plight, As They Walked In The Light
For Shame, No One Would Call Her Name
People Never Saw Her For Who She Really Was
They Simply Made Demands
Expecting Her To Obey
Never Really Realizing She Had Allways Held The Key
To Do Anything That She Pleased
But The Uproar That Would Entail Would Send Her To Total Hell

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Reading Is Her Passion, Turning The Pages Of A Book
How Many Places Can She Go, How Many Romances Will Unfold?
Looking For The Perfect One, Then She Finds Them One By One
Keeping Them Safely On The Shelf, She Will Find Time To Help Herself
Reading One, Two Or Three Is Not Enough To Pacify Thee
Like A Fires Little Flame The More You Feed It The More It Will Inflame
Growing Bigger Growing Brighter And Ever More Bold
She Grumps When The Story Just Won’t Flow
Don’t Interupt Don’t Take The Book Away
Because I Know, She Will Make You Pay
She Like The Mystery, She Likes The Crime,
The Romance Intrigues Her, It Is So Fine

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Drinking In Loves Embrase
Praying For Saving Grace
Spiraling Downward, Abyss Unknown
Exploding Passion Overtakes
Mind Body Soul
Enchanting Kisses, Searing Fires
Burning Up With Fleshy Desires
Legs Intangled In An Erotic State
Fingers Touching Glowing Skin
Mindless Abandon Manipulates
Tounges Intwined Wanting More
Fantasies Revived And Come Alive
Moaning Out With Loves Hot Flame
As Compelling As It All May Sound
Lovemaking Has Let Me Down

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I Love The Flirting, And I Love The Game
Cat And Mouse, Thats My Thing!
I Study Hard And Learn So Easily
It Will Take A Lot To Unmask Me
Failure Is Not An Option, You Have To Know
So Please Keep In Mind, You Can’t Go To Slow
I’ll Keep You On Your Toes With My Really Quick Wit
Catch And Release Is Part Of The Fun
I Like To Watch You Wiggle Then Watch You Run
Don’t Taunt Me Don’t Tempt Me, I Can’t Resist
Not Vampire, Not Ax Murderer Has Yet To Best
So Let Me Tip My Hat, Are You Going To Be Next

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